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33 Cool Secret Santa Gifts That Everyone Will Want

The very idea of a Secret Santa gift exchange at your office might be enough to give you a headache. Whether you’ve drawn the name of your favorite water-cooler hangout buddy, or a guy you couldn’t pick out of a line-up who works in some obscure office 6 floors down, these gift ideas will bring a smile to the face of any co-worker, known or not-so-well-known alike!

Love this list! It has the most unique secret santa gift ideas that everyone will love.

Genius Ideas Journal

Perhaps not all ideas are well-received at work, and we can often feel a bit invisible and useless at those weekly “strategy” meetings. That’s where this quite humble genius ideas journal comes in! You know your ideas are pure gold…so might as well put them where they will be appreciated!


Silver Duct Tape Mug Coffee Cup

Perhaps not all ideas are well-received at work, and we can often feel a bit invisible and useless at those weekly “strategy” meetings. That’s where this quite humble genius ideas journal comes in! You know your ideas are pure gold…so might as well put them where they will be appreciated!


Women’s Supersoft Cozy Socks

These aren’t just any socks…these are supersoft cozy socks. Perfect for those days at your desk when you’re regretting wearing the most uncomfortable shoes known to woman, or just those chilly evenings when you just want to relax. With these, you’ll be comfy right down to your toes! A gift any woman will love.


Clip-On Fisheye Lens

You pulled the name of someone in the IT department for your Secret Santa? Thinking only a life-sized Death Star reproduction will satisfy? Instead, try this cool 3-in-1 fisheye lens for iPhone or Android! It might not be the Death Star, but it will still get the IT guy or girl smiling…and it’s always good to have a friend in the IT department!


Cards Against Humanity

You might have heard the buzz about this delightfully despicable card game lately. Fun for up to 6 adult players, 550 cards to choose from, and any number of outrageous, inappropriate, and awkward questions and answers abound. It’s the perfect gift for your co-worker with the great (if snarky) sense of humor.


Never Have I Ever Game

There is only one rule in this game: no judgement. Other than that, it’s a no-holds-barred romp down memory lane. Each time you play you’ll have a chance to relive some of your life’s most embarrassing and funny moments with your closest friends. But don’t worry…they’ll have to share too!


Magnetic Decision Maker

A new twist on the classic Magic 8 Ball, and a fun new way to make those tricky decisions at the office. This magnetic decision maker is an ideal “desk toy” for those co-workers who never seem to grow up. Let them simply swing the pendulum and let the decision maker determine their fate (or their course of action at the next board meeting).


Habit Rabbit

Did you draw the Secret Santa name of a friend at work who is known for being a tad forgetful? Do you often find them at their desk littered with reminder notes of things to do? Then these adorable little habbit rabbits are perfect. The little pewter one stays with them, and the bigger blue one sits on or near what they’re supposed to remember to do.


Tea Drop Sampler

If you drew the name of a tea-lover at work then this tea drop sampler is ideal for them! These completely dissolvable tea drop shapes are made from finely-sourced tea, sugar, and aromatic spices that blend in perfect harmony to create a delicious and convenient cup of tea anywhere, even on the go.


Crackling Candles

The holiday season is the perfect time to give the gift of candles, and they make a wonderfully festive Secret Santa gift to boot! Made from soy wax and high-quality fragrance and essential oils, the wicks of these candles crackle as they burn, creating a warm and inviting holiday mood!


Ticket Stub Diary

Draw the name of a real music lover in your office? Or maybe they’re a real movie buff? Either way, this unique tick stub diary will surely make them smile! Complete with clear sleeves that fit a variety of ticket sizes and/or memorabilia, there are spaces in the margin to detail memories from the events, and acid-free pages to keep those memories for a lifetime.


Flavor Infuser Water Bottle

Just about everyone wants to be healthier and drink more water, but sometimes water is just so….blah. This flavor infuser water bottle is the cure for that! With a bottle made from environmentally-conscious glass, you can mix up literally dozens of new taste sensations and your taste buds will never be blah again!


Merlot Infused Coffee

You ever really want a glass of wine at work? Of course you have, so have we all. But that’s frowned upon. Coffee, however, is not. And thanks to this amazing merlot infused coffee, you’ll never have to choose again! 100% Arabica beans aged in oak wine barrels provide this completely alcohol-free flavor treat.


Bubble Calendar

Admit it. You can’t not pop bubble wrap if you see it. It’s ok. Nobody is immune to the lure of the bubble wrap! That’s why this unique and oh-so-satisfying bubble wrap calendar is perfect for anyone’s office or cubicle. Such a fun way to keep track of the days!


WTF Nifty Note

We all know that life at the office can get a bit…stressful…at times. So, channel your frustrations in a wittier, a bit more snarky way with this WTF notepad. Even if you’re just passing a note to a “brother in arms” suffering with you in the trenches, a laugh can sure break the monotony.


My Therapy Wine Glass

Sometimes the only way to work through, well, work, is with a bit of therapy. Well, what better way to relieve some of the stress from the office than to go for a bit of “therapy” after hours. It can help tremendously! And this “therapy” wine glass is a fun way to work out those work issues in style.


KONA French Press Coffee Maker

Coffee is sometimes the only answer, especially where work is concerned. And if you’re searching for a fix in that dismal excuse for coffee that many offices try to pass off, you’ll likely be very disappointed. So give the ultimate gift to your coffee-fiend co-worker…this French press coffee, tea, and espresso maker!


Beer Opening Glass

The last thing you want after you sit down to relax is to realize you’ve forgotten the bottle opener. Problem solved with this cool and classy beer opening glass. No matter what your bottle dilemma, this glass can solve it. Two built-in, stainless steel bottle openers, suitable for the pop-tops of domestic beers as well as the twist-tops of imported varieties.


Fortune Keeper Key Chain

Did your pals at the office decide to grab Chinese again for lunch? Well sometimes those little fortune cookies can surprise you with just the bit of luck or inspiration you’ve been lacking. And one of these beautifully designed fortune keeper key chains will keep that much-needed message close by, each displayed in a meaningful case.


Dance and Embrace Spirit Candles

Upon first impressions, this unassuming candle might not seem all that unusual, aside from its extra little bit of weight. But inside, a beautiful surprise awaits. As the candle burns, a small cast iron figure, Dance or Embrace, is revealed. Makes for a lovely gift!


Press and Measure Herb Infuser

Draw the Secret Santa name of a real foodie in the office? Then they will absolutely love this press and measure herb infuser! This sleek and modern glass bottle infuses essences from whichever herbs into your favorite olive oils. Once the flavors are blended, simply press the button and you can measure the proper amount down to the teaspoon.


Salsa Grow Kit

Who doesn’t love salsa? And if you’ve ever had freshly-made salsa, you might never be able to go back to store-bought again. This ingenious salsa grow kit gives you everything you need to savor the flavor fiesta… seeds, starter soil, and planters get you started, then the plants can be transferred to larger containers once they start to grow.


Cocktail Grow Kit

Have you drawn the name of a real cocktail lover for your Secret Santa? Sure, you could get them cute martini glasses with funny sayings…or, you could give them something to step up their game a bit. This kit includes everything you need to give their mojitos more mojo… seed packets, starter soil, plant stakes, and growing instructions.


Banned Books Tote Bag

A sophisticated gift for the free-speech book lover of the office. This chic cotton tote is a cool nod to all-things literary that they will absolutely adore. The inside has a pocket for smaller essentials, while the main compartment can haul a load of beloved books, and the outside is covered with the titles of famously once-banned books.


Morning, Noon and Night Coffee

This is the ideal gift for the refined coffee-lover in the office, the one who knows there are different types of coffee for different moods. With blends for morning, afternoon, and evening, these roasts will provide the perfect cup of coffee no matter what the mood calls for.


Mini Zen Garden

Everyone needs a little balance in their life. A little peace. A little Zen. Needless to say, all those can be hard to come by at work. That’s why this mini Zen garden is such a great gift! The beautiful handmade box and rake, complete with sand and smoothed stones, fits on any office desk, and can provide a Zen-like relaxation break as often as needed!


CoWorker Gift Desk NamePlate

A completely thoughtful and lovely gift for any office co-worker, this handmade name plate will surely be a hit at the Secret Santa party! Made from poplar wood (stained in several choices of color), frosted acrylic glass, and vinyl lettering, it can be personalized with almost any font, name, title, and even logo.


Stained glass business card holder

What a beautiful way to make a first impression! Your co-worker will surely appreciate the uniqueness of this stained glass business card holder, and they will surely appreciate you for going above and beyond in buying this stunning handmade Secret Santa gift!


Personalized Scrabble Ornament with Tile Tray

Ideal for that word puzzle aficionado in the office, this personalized Scrabble ornament will look fantastic hanging from their cubicle bulletin board, or gracing their family Christmas tree! Handmade, topped with festive green moss, burgundy pip berries, and a burgundy satin bow, there’s no way your Secret Santa will be expecting something this charming!


Creative Motion Drink Dart Game

Who doesn’t love a good game of darts? And the next game of darts for your Secret Santa is about to get a whole lot more fun with this drink darts game! Complete with shot glasses and magnetic darts, they’ll have everything they need to liven up any get together.


Golf Ball Monogrammer

Does your Secret Santa take every opportunity to hit the links? Do they obsessively talk “dogleg,” “birdie,” “bogies,” and “bunkers” every chance they get? Then this golf ball monogrammer will be the ultimate gift for them! With 2 sets of letters, ink paper, and sealant, they’ll feel like they own the course!


Fifty Cars That Changed the World

Is your Secret Santa a real gear head? Do they have motor oil running through their veins? Lots of model cars, and pictures of cars, gracing their work space? If so, this book is the ideal gift for them. Detailing each entry, from the 1908 Ford Model T, to the Bond classic of the DB5, to the modern day Smart Car, it’s perfect for any car lover!


Pac-Man Lamp Ghost Light

Retro cool while it sets the mood, this Pac-Man ghost lamp will be a hit for that Secret Santa gamer you pulled! With 2 light modes, and USB cable function, it can change between 16 different colors, or pulse to the rhythm of their favorite tunes!


7 DIY Secret Santa Gifts

Cup Full of Cheer

Picture spending not much more than $5 on a Secret Santa gift that will not only elicit Oooo’s and Ahhhh’s from your co-workers, but that will also look as if you spent lots more! With a quick trip to the dollar store, a glass jar, a mug, and a few other odds-n-ends can come together to make one of the most customizable and thoughtful office exchange gifts imaginable! Follow the simple instructions here.

Orange & Espresso Soap Recipe

Sounds like it’s way above your craft level of experience, right? Wrong! Anyone can make this delicious smelling and healthy homemade orange and espresso soap to give as gifts this holiday season! Using some essential oils, powders, a potato peeler (of all things!), and a few weeks to cure, you can have these gorgeous soap bars ready to hand out as bath treats this season. You can find the full instructions here.

Burlap Bulletin Board

Why should your co-worker settle for the same-ol, same-ol blah bulletin board in their cubicle…when they can have this handmade masterpiece? With a bit of burlap, a few decorative nails, a hammer or rubber mallet, and a heavy-duty stapler or staple gun, you can create this rustic piece of practical art! Find the complete instructions here.

Mint Matcha Body Scrub

Bath and body gifts always, always, go over big at the Secret Santa gift exchange. And once people see that their gift is this homemade delicious-smelling mint matcha body scrub (made by you), the office gift exchange will never be the same! Gather some matcha green tea, Epsom salt, and a couple essential oils, then follow the easy instructions here!

Chocolate Peppermint Swizzle Sticks

You rarely go wrong with holiday-themed food as a Secret Santa gift exchange item, and these white chocolate swizzle sticks are a sure hit! You can either make the sticks themselves with wooden dowels and beads, or buy them at the craft store. Or, you can mix it up and use the peppermint sticks as the swizzle sticks. Either way, grab some chocolate chips, vegetable oil, and these instructions as you head off into deliciousness!

DIY Lavender Soap

Even if you’ve never made soap before, this DIY lavender soap is one of the simplest and most wonderful gifts for the holiday season! This recipe calls for pre-made soap base, some essential oil, and dried lavender…add some cling film, a baking dish, and these easy-to-follow instructions, and you’ll have some absolutely lovely soaps to give as gifts!

Pistachio Cranberry Cookies

These whole wheat pistachio cranberry cookies will be the easiest and most delicious batch of cookies you’ll never have to bake in your life! All you need will be a glass mason jar (you can find at the local dollar store), the ingredients for the cookies, a free printable label, and a bit of decorative trim. Find the full and delectable instructions here.

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