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15 Impressive Gifts for Your Mother-in-Law

Choosing gifts for your mother-in-law can be tricky depending on the sort of relationship you have with her. Guess wrong and she might be offended, get it right and you’ll be on her good side for some time to come. These mother-in-law gifts will help you get or stay on her good side.

Here are some great gift ideas for mother-in-laws. As if they needed any reminders that you are their favorite son/daughter-in-law.

Personalized Casserole Dish

You can personalize this casserole dish with your own message to your mother-in-law so it’s tailor made to her unique personality. If she loves to cook and loves to make casseroles when you go over for dinner, this is a spot on gift she’ll appreciate.


Spa Treatment Gift Set

You can’t help but score points with your mother-in-law when you pamper the heck out of her. This spa treatment gift set is made with one purpose: to help her relax and feel her best. She’ll be thinking warm fuzzy thoughts about you for days afterward.


Cashmere Featherweight Scarf

This cashmere scarf is lightweight but still provides warmth. It’s a stylish scarf that is great for helping your mother-in-law stay warm this winter. They come in different colors so you can pick the one that you think will look best on her and fit the rest of her wardrobe.


No Better Friend Than a Mother In Law

If you want to be slightly cheesy you can go with this wooden sign that features a hand-painted rose and the message “There’s no better friend than a mother-in-law.” This is perfect for the sentimental mother-in-law that eats stuff like this up.


Year of Wishes Candles

Give her a year of best wishes with this set of 12 candles. Each candle contains a separate wish for each month of the year. That way each month she can focus on things like Joy, Balance, Fun, and Luck. This should make for a really good year for her.


Cheesecake Sampler

If your mother-in-law has a sweet tooth, or otherwise just loves cheesecake you can’t go wrong with this cheesecake sampler from Omaha Steaks. It gets top ratings, and is delivered right to her door. Hopefully she’ll share some with you!

Prices Vary

Handprint Canvas Set

A great gift to help immortalize the family using handprints set on a canvas. The kit includes everything you need to personalize the canvas with the handprints of your family. It also comes with your family name on it, making it a perfect gift for her.


My Life Story – So Far

Help record your mother-in-law’s life story for posterity with this life story book. It points out that this is her life story so far, so that you’re not suggesting that she’s done living her life, and that she still has plenty more memories and life experiences to share.


Birchwood Pine Candle

This candle is a good idea if you’ve noticed that your mother-in-law is a fan of candles. You can usually tell this from your most recent trip to her house, and whether or not you noticed candles around. It will infuse her home with the scent of pine trees.


Candle Shadow Projectors

These candles project the shadow of a tree onto the wall, and make a great conversation piece. They are perfect for any nature loving mother-in-law and are sure to bring hours of peaceful times to her home. Choose from a cedar, pine, a bird’s nest, and more.


Breakfast Tray

Here’s a way to help your mother-in-law have breakfast in bed. It’s a breakfast tray that is perfectly suited for holding a bowl or a plate, and a glass of juice. You could even match this with the spa treatment package above for a full day of pampering.


DIY Granola Kit

If she loves to cook and bake and make food from scratch she’s sure to love assembling a batch of granola using this kit.

The best part is that the granola that’s made is very healthy and can provide a satisfying snack as well as an enjoyable creation experience.


3 DIY Mother-in-Law Gifts

DIY Coffee Flavor Syrups

For the coffee loving mother-in-law, you can present these flavored syrups that help her coffee taste even better. She’ll appreciate that you took the time to make it by hand, rather than simply going with a store bought gift. You could also pair these with some gourmet coffee to cover your bases.

Rosemary and Lavender Bath Salts

These bath salts will have your mother-in-law in a state of bliss the next time it’s bath time. They are very soothing, and the aromatherapy works to relieve stress and get ready for bed. A smart choice, and makes a great presentation when packaged as shown.

DIY Relaxing Eye Mask

A soothing cup of tea and wearing this relaxing eye mask is all she’ll need to let the stress of the day wash out of her. Doing it yourself means you can choose a better fabric than what they’ve gone with here so it will look better and more gift worthy.


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