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36 Harry Potter Gifts All Fans Will Love

There’s something on this list for all the Harry Potter fans out there. In less than twenty years, the series of seven books has sold over 450 million copies, making it the best-selling book series of all time. Giving a gift from this list is sure to make fans of all ages happy.

I know of Harry Potter but didn’t know enough about it to get a gift for my nephew. Thankfully I found this collection of Harry Potter gifts that saved the day.

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

This fun family game will test everyone’s knowledge of the Harry Potter’s magical world. This is Trivial Pursuit, Harry Potter style. The game is packed with six hundred questions about Harry, his companions, Muggles, Hogwarts, and the wide and wonderful world of wizards and wizarding.

Prices Vary

Gryffindor Quidditch Hoodie

While the other kids strut around the school wearing letter jackets and hoodies from boring Muggle sports, this hoodie can set your wizard apart. It’s in the burgundy and gold color scheme of House Gryffindor. The front lettering reads “Property of Gryffindor Quidditch” and features a pair of crossed Quidditch brooms.

Prices Vary

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Jellybeans

Harry lives in a fun world of magic and wonder. As we all found out in the first book, there’s a lot of mischief in his world, too. Even the jelly beans have unusual flavors. The might taste like spinach, tripe, dirty socks, or, ewwww: bogeys (that’s English slang for boogers).


Marauder’s Map

Get the budding wizard in your life the ultimate map of mischief. It was created by Harry’s dad and his friends Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. The magic begins when the holder of the map declares “I solemnly swear I am up to no good” and ends when the older intones “Mischief managed.”


Gryffindor Beanie

Daring, nerve, and chivalry. Those words make up the motto of Harry’s Hogwarts House, Gryffindor. If those words describe the wizard in your life, then this is the beanie for them. Magic works in most cases, but even the best of them need to keep their ears warm on a cold winter night.


Harry Potter Coloring Book

This is a fun book for the youngest Harry Potter fans. It’s filled with images from all of the books and movies, ready for anyone with a vivid imagination and a set of crayons or markers. Fans will find scenes like the Sorting Ceremony, battles between Harry and Voldemort, the Forbidden Forest, and action from Quidditch matches.


Harry’s “Firebolt” Broom

You might be a natural born Quidditch champion, but a player is only as good as the broom the carries them through the air. This is a replica of Harry’s treasured broom, Firebolt. It’s got all the bells and whistles. Harry fans can imagine chasing the Golden Snitch for hours on end.


Deluxe Quidditch Robe

Add this robe to Harry’s broom and the set will be complete. This robe will give a young wizard the feeling that they’re really in a Quidditch match. It’s a full length, hooded, burgundy robe with gold stripes down the side and gold lacings in front.


Gryffindor Tapestry Throw

Yes, we’re assuming most Harry Potter fans consider themselves part of House Gryffindor. This four by six foot tapestry throw boldly displays the house crest. It can be used as a bedspread, a wall hanging, or a blanket for comfy evenings curled up on the couch watching Harry Potter DVD’s.

Prices Vary

Hogwarts Backpack

Forget boring book bags. Forget hip new messenger bags. Fans of the young wizard want a backpack that would make the young charges at Hogwarts School of Wizarding proud, and this is it. It’s a red and black plaid backpack with the Hogwarts logo emblazoned on the top flap.

Prices Vary

Dragon Champions Cup

The Dragon Champions Cup is the most sought after piece of hardware in Quidditch. It’s like the Stanley Cup is for hockey, or the Lombardi Trophy in American football. Only winners of the Tri-Wizard’s Championship get their hands on this trophy. This one lights up and glows azure blue.


Hogwarts Steamer Trunk

This is a very cool gift for Harry Potter fans young and old. It’s small, silk-lined steamer trunk made of real wood and stained dark cherry. Choose your favorite Patronus emblem from nine animals. The trunk comes with twelve stickers, and it’s large enough to hold all seven books and various wizarding accessories.


Harry Potter-The Ultimate Book of Facts

This is a must-have for true fans of Harry. It contains all the facts they’ll need to know to impress friends and fellow enthusiasts. Wizarding fans will find tidbits on Harry, Hermione Grainger, Emma Watson, The Ministry of Magic, Quidditch, Hogwarts, and much, much more.


The Hogwarts Library

J.K. Rowling mentions several books in the series that are essential reading for all wizards. This boxed set of books contains them all in one place. It includes Quidditch Through the Ages, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and The Tales of Beetle and the Bard.

Prices Vary

Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

We think it’s a safe assumption that people who love Harry Potter might also love the game of chess. This set combines the best of both worlds. The black and silver playing pieces are figures straight out of the world of the books. It comes with a board and two sets of sixteen pieces, each set in its own pouch.


Harry Potter Playing Cards

This complete set of standard playing cards looks and feels great. The back of each card has an image of Hogwarts Academy, and the front of each card has a picture of an item from Harry’s world. They’re designed with a linen-type finish that makes them seem ancient, worn, and wizardly.


Harry Potter Wand

Gone are the days when your aspiring wizard has to break small branches off of trees to make their wizard wand. Harry’s official wand is here. It’s a replica of the wand from the movie series. It’s fifteen inches long and comes in the original box from Ollivander’s Wand Shop.


Hogwarts Knit Scarf

This scarf is a companion to the Gryffindor Hoodie and knit cap. It’s not exclusive to Gryffindor, though, because Hogwarts is made up four houses, after all. Fans of the books can show their appreciation for Slythering, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw, too. Though we all know Harry’s house is everyone’s favorite.


Death Eater Temporary Tattoo

The Death Eaters are the scary followers of he-who-shall-not-be-named, Lord Voldemort. They’re a band of wizards and witches who practiced the Dark Arts in blatant violation of Wizard Law. These tattoos are for the Harry fans who have a dark edge and think only pure bloods should wield magic. No muggles allowed!


Hermione’s Wand

Stacked bracelets are in. This set of four Harry Potter themed bracelets is for fans who want to wear a piece of the wizard world, 24/7. There’s a Deathly Hallows Wizard bracelet, a golden snitch, an infinity symbol, and one with an infinity theme. Real fans will take one look at these, and know that the wearer is all about Harry.


Harry Potter Bracelet Set

We know that girls love Harry Potter as much as boys do. J.K. Rowling created strong, smart girls for the books, first and foremost of whom is Hermione Grainger. This is a replica of Hermione’s wand from the movie series. It comes in the original box from Ollivander’s Wand Shop.

Prices Vary

Hagrid Fang Dog

Fang belongs to Harry’s friend and companion Hagrid, whose job at Hogwarts is to care for all the magical creatures. Fang is an extremely large boarhound (portrayed in the movies by an enormous mastiff) who’s got a heart of gold. He’s scary looking but really just wants to play. This doll is a Fang replica.


Harry’s Glasses

Harry is distinctive for two primary reasons. He’s got a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead, thanks to the evil wizard Voldemort. And he wears a pair of round glasses, John Lennon style. Give these glasses to your Harry fan, and the costume will be complete.


Slytherin Wall Banner

Okay, we admit it. Some people like Slytherin. Some people prefer Draco Malfoy to Harry Potter. We have no idea why, but we won’t judge. We suppose they’re the same people who prefer Darth Vader and the Dark Side of the Force. For them, we include this House Slytherin wall banner.


Harry Potter Lego Set

The best of two worlds combine here in the form of a Harry Potter Lego set. This is for younger kids who like Harry and love to while away the hours building things. This thirty-four piece set includes a Harry figure, a wand, and a cool little potion cabinet.


Adult-Size Wizard Robe

You don’t have to hide it. You know you want a Harry Potter wizard’s robe. So go ahead: buy this for yourself. It’s a full length blanket, complete with arm holes and a hood. You can put it under the tree and say it’s from Santa Claus. We promise not to tell.


The Ultimate Quiz Book

So the young wizard in your life has all the books. They’ve read the entire Hogwart’s Library and spent hours combing through The Ultimate Book of Facts. It’s time to put their knowledge to the test with the Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz Book. It’s up-to-date with four hundred questions that cover the entire series.


Large Buckbeak Doll

Fang wasn’t the only magical creature that Harry’s pal Hagrid looked after. Nope, there was also Buckbeak, a Hippogriff out of legend and lore. For those who don’t know, a Hippogriff is a magical beast with the head and front quarters of an eagle, and the hindquarters of a horse.


Platform 9 3/4 Decal

There’s only one way to get to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry—on the Hogwarts Express. First, you get a special invitation delivered magical owl. Second, go to King’s Cross Station in London, and look for platform 9 & ¾. Finally, you walk straight for the sign—but you have to believe in magic.


Mystery At Hogwarts Board Game

This is a collector’s item, first released by Mattel and Warner Brothers in 2000. This game is fun for the whole family. There’s mystery afoot at Hogwarts, and only one player can solve whodunit. The game includes elements of the Clue with a special Harry Potter twist.


Wizard’s Necklace

Give your young wizards a way to set themselves apart from the crowd with this special gold-plated Wizardry Necklace. It’s got the Wizard’s Emblem—a spinning circle set inside a triangle—mounted on a twenty-three inch chain. This necklace is a great accessory to any piece of Harry Potter clothing.

Prices Vary

Deluxe Stationery Set

In Harry’s world, the characters like to write letters. They seal them with magic and send them by way of delivery-owl. You can’t give your young wizard the owl, but you can give them this boxed set of Hogwarts stationery. The set comes with a journal, two wax sticks for sealing, letter-writing paper, and a paperweight.


Gringotts Bank Coin Collection

The only bank in the world of Wizards is Gringotts Wizarding Bank. It’s owned by Goblins, who are by nature very stingy and suspicious. Which makes them great bankers, but they’re notoriously prickly characters to deal with. This set of three genuine coins comes straight from Gringotts—guaranteed.


Quidditch Quaffle Ball

There’s no way to play or practice Quidditch without a top-quality quaffle. Everyone knows that. This certified official quaffle ball is purple, eight and a half inches in diameter, with the Hogwarts seal on one side. It’s stitched with the three circular concave indentations that make the quaffle unique.


Hardcover Full Box Set

A real Harry Potter aficionado must have hardcover editions of all seven books. And they must all be in perfect condition. The paperbacks are for taking to school, loaning to friends, and otherwise debasing. Harry Potter lovers can display this seven book set on their bookshelf with pride.

Prices Vary

Full DVD Set

After a full set of all seven hardcovers in mint condition, the next most important thing in the Harry Potter collection is a full set of DVD’s. All eight of them. You might say to yourself, hmmm. Seven books and eight movies? What gives? Your resident fan will tell you it’s because Deathly Hallows has two parts. You silly Muggle, you.


8 DIY Harry Potter Gifts

Harry Potter XL Clothespins

These oversized clothespins are more for decoration than anything else. They feature the top three characters from the Harry Potter series. Of course there’s Harry, and there’s also his friends Ron and Hermione so you’ve got them all covered when giving this as a gift.

Harry Potter Homemade Magic Wands

You’ve just got to have your very own wand if you want to act out some of the spells from the movie or books. With these homemade magic wands you end up with something that strongly resembles the ones from the movies without having to spend a bunch to get a store bought one.

His and Hers Harry Potter Mugs

These Sharpie creations are cuter than cute, and make the perfect gift for a couple that loves Harry Potter together. Of course, they can also be made separately for the Harry and Hermione fans out there. It’s a nice way to wake up every morning.

DIY Harry Potter Ring

Subtle yet noticeable, this ring looks like the iconic glasses that Harry Potter wears throughout the series. Make them this ring and they’ll love that you took the extra time to make something handmade, and also remembered that they love all things Harry Potter.

Harry Potter Kindle Covers

Protect your Kindle or other device with these awesome covers. One looks like Harry himself, and the other resembles his best friend Ron. Great as a pair or by themselves, they’re sure to let the world know that you’re a Harry Potter fan.

Gryffindor Necklace DIY

Make them a necklace that looks like the tie that the students from Gryffindor wear. Just be sure that this is their favorite House from the Harry Potter series. You wouldn’t want to make them a Gryffindor gift if their favorite house is Slytherin.

Golden Snitch Truffles

The only thing more delicious than a truffle is when it’s made to look like the Golden Snitch, featured in the many tellings of everyone’s favorite game. Quidditch. This is a lot of fun to receive if you’re a Harry Potter fan, and looks just like the CGI prop from the movie.

The Dark (book) Mark

Keep your place in your book with the Dark Mark that’s been made into a bookmark. It’s a great addition to anyone that has the complete set of Harry Potter books, and surprisingly easy to make when you follow the included directions.

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