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52 Gifts That Cost Less Than a Slice of Pizza

Some of us have gifts lists that are long. Very long. So long that when you get to the end, not only is your brain fried, but you’re also reaching the end of the budget. This is a list of gifts that costs roughly the average rate for a slice of pizza these days. Save money and still impress with a fun gift.

Gifts don’t have or cost a ton, and I love how this selection of gifts are relatively cheap, but still score you items that will be appreciated and enjoyed.

Bacon Lip Balm

We wonder every day, ourselves, when bacon went from awesome breakfast meat to all-around cultural phenomenon. Claiming the bacon in your life these days is like a statement about enjoying the moment. “I love bacon” is a way of saying “I love life!” Now you can have the taste of bacon on your lips all day long.


Women’s Chain Bracelet

Here’s an attractive bracelet for women or girls. It’s a thin, sterling silver affair with a loop clasp. The centerpiece is a silver flower design with a heart at the center. A great piece of everyday or costume jewelry for a fashionable lady.


Floral Pencil Case

Here’s an attractive bracelet for women or girls. It’s a thin, sterling silver affair with a loop clasp. The centerpiece is a silver flower design with a heart at the center. A great piece of everyday or costume jewelry for a fashionable lady.


Cartoon Gloves

These gloves have three fantastic features: they’re warm, they’re cute, and they’re designed with special conductive yarn on the fingertips that allow for easy texting. The rest of the glove is fleece—just the fingertips are yarn. This pair is a black and white pair in a panda bear theme.


Baby Bath Cap

Babies absolutely hate getting water in their eyes. But they absolutely must have their little heads washed, and what hair they do have needs to be clean. This bath cap will keep the water off a baby’s face so you can give them a bath without the tears.

Prices Vary

Mirror Compact

This is an elegant, stylish gift for a girl or young woman. It’s a black and white mirror compact with a damask design on the cover. It’s two and a half inches in diameter and comes with one standard and one magnifying mirror. A nice addition to a girl’s starter makeup kit.


Drawstring Pouches

Use this set of drawstring pouches in any way you like. They’re perfect for giving gifts, holding jewelry, or carrying money. This is a set of forty-eight bags, 4X5 inch bags. They come in all the colors of the rainbow and have a drawstring to keep your stuff secure.


Ceramic Piggy Bank

Everyone had a piggy bank growing up, and most of us remember our first one. This is a white ceramic piggy bank with a large slot on the back. Kids can start their saving early with this. It’s got a simple black dots for the eyes and nose, and comes with a black and white bow.


I Love You Pendant

This is a piece of jewelry made for sisters to show their appreciation for one another. It’s a double pendant at the end of a chain. There’s a crescent moon with the inscription “I love you to the moon and back” and a heart with the inscription “Sister.”

Prices Vary

Credit Card Survival Tool

Here’s a gift for those who live by the Boy Scout Motto “Be Prepared.” Because, honestly, none of us knows when the zombie apocalypse will arrive. We need a credit card tool that has a can opener, a knife edge, a screwdriver, a ruler, two wrenches, and a saw blade. While we’re out shopping. Breathe a sigh of relief: here it is.


Earring Set

This is a pair of silver earrings for pierced ears. They’re small hoops encrusted with a diamond theme on the outside edge of the hoop. Perfect for playing dress up, adding an extra flair to a costume, or as an extra set of earring for daily wear.


Mushroom Night Lights

These lights can serve as nightlights for kid’s rooms, accent lights for a living room or family room, or to add atmosphere to a special event or party. It’s a set of three, battery powered lights in the shape of mushrooms. They’re 3X3X3 inches and come in baby blue, red, and lavender.


Smart Phone Holder

This clever smart phone holder/charging stand is designed for all smart phones. It’s got a metal core with articulating arms that are covered in rubber and wrap around the edges of your device. It looks like you’ve enlisted the help of an alien spider to hold your phone.


Musical Maracas

This is a set of six egg-shaped musical shakers designed for babies or young children. They’re painted in kid-friendly designs like ladybugs and butterflies. A wonderful way to find out if your child has rhythm. Put on the music, hand them a shaker, and a percussionist is born.


Baby Headband

There’s one way to make an infant even cuter than it is already: put a lavender headband with an oversize purple flower on its little head. This has a cotton stretchy headband that could do double-duty as a young girl’s hairband or play bracelet.


Moustache Pacifier

You go through a hundred pacifiers a month, so you might as well get some giggles out of it. This is a standard baby pacifier with a moustache printed on the top part. Your baby will look like a man with a handlebar mustache—as long as you can keep it.

Prices Vary

Big Brother/Sister Wristbands

Here’s a baby shower idea for an older sibling. You want to start early, and keep them part of the process, or you’ll run right into rivalry before you know it. It’s a set of two silicon wristbands, one pink and one blue. The pink on says “I’m a BIG Sister” and the blue one says “I’m a BIG Brother.”


Cherry Blossom Scented Soap

You can’t go wrong with soap. Especially when it’s got a light, cherry blossom set. This round, light beige soap is embossed with cherry-blossoms. It comes in a bed of raffia in a chocolate brown gift box with a top that’s the same design as the soap inside.


Alphabet Puzzle

This foam bath toy for infants or toddlers will get their education started early. It’s a thirty-six piece set with all the letters of the alphabet and the numbers 0-9. The foam squares are 3×3 inches, interlocking, and multi-colored. A thoughtful gift for people with young kids, or a preschool teacher.

Prices Vary

Man Glitter

You might be asking yourself what, exactly, man glitter is. We know. We asked ourselves the same thing. And we found out that man glitter is sawdust! This fun gag gift is a little plastic bag filled with, you guessed it, sawdust. Give him a smile. Give him some man glitter.


Shotgun Shell Pocket Knife

This is a perfect gift for a boy who’s one-hundred percent boy. It combines two things that fascinate young boys: guns and knives. And it’s just a little pocket knife made from a shotgun shell design, so there’s no real guns or big dangerous knives. But remember: always whittle away from yourself.


Turtle Truck

Here’s a fun gift for kids ages three and up. It’s a little plastic truck made to look like a turtle. He’s got blue wheels, a green shell, a yellow neck, and a baby blue cap. And there’s a little red turtle riding on his back. This will work as a bath toy, too.


Neck Buff/Face Cover

This full neck and face cover will keep your neck and face warm while making you look like a total badass bank robber. It’s made from black polyester that’s wind resistant and wicks moisture away from the body. The chin and mouth is reinforced with an extra layer, and it’s cut with a comfortable, breathable nose-hole.

Prices Vary

Pickle Bandaids

When the going gets tough and the tough get an owie, it’s time to break out the pickle bandaids. We all know the healing power of pickles. This set of fifteen, 3X1 adhesive bandages will bring a smile to the face, and cover small cuts and scrapes.


Cool Baby On Board

Your baby is cool. You know it. Your baby rocks the sunglasses like a rockstar. You can show that off with this bumper sticker/rear window sticker. It’s an alternative take on the popular “Baby On Board” signs. It’s got a picture of an infant wearing dark sunglasses and a wool hipster beanie. That’s your cool kid right there.

Prices Vary

Diet Coke Can Stash

If you have something to hide and it can fit inside of a soda can, look no further. This is a great gift for a teenager. It’s a Diet Coke can with a screw off top so they can hide all the stuff they don’t want you to find.

Prices Vary

Pontytail Holders

Hair ties and ponytail holders go the way of socks: into the black hole of the laundry room, the car floor, or the couch cushions. That’s why you need to buy them in bulk, and that’s why you can never have too many of them. This is a set of ten ponytail holders with cute bunny ears sewn on.


Pink iPhone Case/Cover

This is an all-in-one, wallet style phone holder made for an iPhone 5. It’s in girly pink, and comes with credit card/id holders and a pad and pen. It’s got a flap on the back so you can prop it up to watch streaming video. It’s deigned with holes on the edges to conveniently access all the phone’s buttons.

Prices Vary

Casino Chip Lighter

A great guy gift. It’s a butane lighter made in the shape of a casino poker chip. It comes in red, black, or white. It’s refillable with standard butane gas. This lighter fits right in the pocket. Tailor made for lighting up a stogie on poker night with the boys.


Tea Bag Holders

One of life’s great dilemmas is how to keep your tea bag in exactly the right place in the cup or mug. Problem solved. These silicone holders clip onto the edge of a teacup or mug, and hold your tea bag in place. The set of five has a cute snail design and comes in multiple colors.


Ice Molds

Here’s a fun gag gift. It’s an ice tray mold set with something we’ve never seen before: ice in the shape of bullets. Don’t worry, they’re not real, and they’ll melt right away into your drink. The young boys will think this is a cool gift.

Prices Vary

Bizarre iPhone Case

This iPhone case is truly bizarre. It’s a standard black iPhone case with a floral design on the back, but when you look closely, you realize that the pretty colors are arranger in the shape of—what is that? Is that a skull? Why yes, it is. And look: cherubs and roses are part of the collage design.

Prices Vary

Golden Kazoo

Finally we found a kazoo for this list. It’s like the Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. This little aluminum delight is gold plated and about two inches long. Give one to a child and watch them become the Pied Piper of Christmas Day.

Prices Vary

Scotch Gift Wrap Cutter

We found a couple of gifts that only cost a penny. That’s right. Only one cent. This is a wrapping paper cutter made by Scotch, the tape people. You can use it to cut wrapping paper or cut out coupons. It’s even got a built in ribbon curler. Total score.


Bamboo Gift Basket

This gift basket is made of bamboo. It’s ten inches long, seven inches wide, and two and a half inches deep. It’s got an all-natural look. Perfect for candy, business cards, spare pocket change, or display items. It will look nice in the kitchen, dresser, or sideboard.


Highlighter Set

Here’s a unique highlighter set in a design we’ve never seen before: syringes. They’re specially made for nurses, the selfless men and women who do all the heavy lifting in hospitals and doctor’s offices. It’s a multicolored set of six.


Microphone Karaoke Toy

Outgoing kids love any reason to stand up in front of people and put on a show. Put a microphone in their hand, and they’ll transform into a rock star right before your very eyes. This one is black, realistic looking and comes with a built in speaker. Requires two AA batteries.

Prices Vary

Owl Purse Clutch Bag

This is a lovely little coin bag or purse that’s made from canvas. It’s got a funny owl printed on the side, hanging upside down from a tree branch. It’s got a metal snap enclosure on top. An accessory for the play chest or dress up closet. Young boys and girls will love this.

Prices Vary

Porsche Key Holder

You may not be able to get them a Porsche, but you can get them a Porsche key holder. This red leather key fob has the Porsche medallion logo glued on the outside. It comes in red, blue, white, black, green, or brown. The color that arrives will be a surprise, chosen by the vendor.

Prices Vary

Bicycle Bottle Opener

This practical gift is a winner. It’s a small bicycle, made of metal in a muted pewter finish. The back bicycle wheel is a bottle opener. It’s three inches long and two and a half inches wide. Give this gift to the bicycle love in your life.


Rose Ring Box

This clever ring or earring holder caught us by surprise. It’s a rose, complete with a stem, leaves, and petals on top. The rose itself opens into the small ring or earring holder. It’s a neat idea. This gift comes with a fastening strap, so you can mount the flower/box wherever you like.


Men’s ID Holder

Here we have a straightforward leather ID holder. It’s pocket sized, and designed for cash, credit cards, IDs, and business cards. It’s 5X3 inches and comes in your choice of black or brown. A great gift for a man or woman who doesn’t need a fancy wallet.


Penguin Scarf

Penguins are lovable and bring a smile to the face without fail. This lightweight item can he used as a scarf, a shawl, or a headwrap. It’s over six feet long and almost three feet wide. It’s navy blue, with small black and white penguins printed all over.


Med School Button

This funny gag gift is made for a small subset of people: those who are currently in medical school. It’s white with black letters that read “I have no life I’m in medical school.” If you know anyone in medical school, this is so very true. And if you’re putting your kid through medical school, you’ll be glad it costs less than a dollar.


Carbon Fiber Cufflinks

This is a svelte and elegant set of silvertone and gray cuff links for a fashionable man. The design is classic, but the carbon fiber inlay is totally millennial. This makes for a nice contrast. They come in a back box with a velvet insert and two elastics to hold the links in place.


Women’s Wrist Watch

Here’s a great starter watch for anyone who loves pink. It’s quartz, battery operated, with a classic Roman numeral face. It’s also got Arabic numerals around the edge, to easily keep track of the sweep hand. The case and hands are gold-tinged, while the strap is pink faux leather.


Wonder Woman Knee Socks

Perhaps you were worried that there would be no socks on this list—put those worries aside, because here’s a pair you don’t want to miss. An awesome pair of Wonder Woman knee socks. They’re blue, yellow and red, with white stars, and—wait for it—a little red cape on each one, coming off the calf. Socks with a cape!


Winter Beanie

Winter his here, and we all need to keep our head and ears warm. This is a knit beanie with a snowflake pattern. It’s beige and dark brown, with ear flaps and tassles/pompoms at the end. There’s also a tassle/pompom on top.


Man’s Ugly Sweater Socks

You’re hip to the ugly Christmas seater phenomenon, of course. Be the first in your family or circle of friends to get on the latest bandwagon: ugly Christmas socks. This is a tacky pair of socks with—now it’s going to get meta—ugly Christmas sweaters printed on them.

Prices Vary

Crystal Elephant Dust Plug Stopper

This is a cute phone decoration that doubles as a way to keep dust out of the earphone jack of your iPhone or Android device. It’s a jewel-encrusted elephant that fits into any 3.5mm earphone jack. It’s going to be a new craze with the kids, we’re sure.


Handbag Manicure Kit

Here’s a gift made for the aspiring makeup artist or manicurist in your life. It’s a pink bag with black polka dots that folds open to make a manicure kit. It’s got a tweezers, cuticle scissors, fingernail clippers, and a nail file, all held in place with straps.


Makeup Brush Set

This makeup brush set comes in a traveling case that rolls up for easy storage. It includes five brushes, a mascara applicator, and an eyelash brush. There’s a face sponge and three colorful foam buffs to help get your makeup just right. Great for young girls just starting out or a lady on the go.


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