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37 Extremely Useful Gifts for New Parents

Whittling down the list of gifts for new parents is hard because they could really use so much. Here are some of the best gifts that every new parent can put to use immediately to have a better time and be more effective.

37 Extremely Useful Gifts for New Parents- just don’t keep everything you buy!

Soothe Shirt

Forget those ugly baby wraps, this Soothe Shirt lets mom keep her sense of style while keeping baby ever so close. It’s designed to be comfortable for both mom and baby so they’ll both love when she wears this.


Stroller Bike

This bike comes with a stroller built right into it, and is much more stable and comfortable than a standard bike with a child’s seat attached to the back. The three wheels provide extra stability, and since baby is up front mom or dad always has a view of them.


Nook Glowlight

For times when baby falls asleep in your arms and you don’t want to disturb them, you can use the Nook Glowlight to read books with a soft glow. A smartphone just won’t do, as most of the time the light is too strong, causing eye strain and potentially waking baby.


Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

All they have to do is load this spoon up with baby food, give it a squeeze and the food ends up right where it’s needed. When baby is ready for more all it takes is another squeeze and mom or dad will be ready and waiting with another bite.


Bathtime Easy Kneeler

They’ll thank you every time their baby takes a bath when you get them this kneeler caddy that provides cushioning where it’s needed most. No matter who is giving baby a bath, they’ll have an easier time staying in position with this.


Oeuf Elephant Crib

For parents that are short on time or patience, this crib can be assembled in 10 minutes flat with no tools required. After it’s put together, it has an attractive look that goes with just about any decor, which can’t be said for many cribs on the market.


The Woombie

This is a baby wrap that provides plenty of comfort to baby, and is designed to keep them feeling as snug as they did in the womb. This is a gift they’ll use everyday, and be very thankful that you got it for them.


New Dad Essentials Kit

Dads sometimes have a tougher time making the transition into fatherhood, and need a bit more advice. This kit includes everything they need to be a rock star when it comes to daddy duties and makes sure that they always know what their role is.


Pacifier Thermometer

When you need baby’s temperature one of the easiest ways to get it is to simply pop this pacifier into their mouth. Considering your other options this seems like this cleanest and most trouble-free way for everyone involved.


Baby Food Maker

They won’t have to be stuck buying a bunch of pre-made baby food in jars at the store when they can make freshly pureed baby food at home. It’s one way to make sure that baby is getting the best and isn’t subjected to chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


Go the F**k to Sleep

For exasperated parents that need their kid to go to sleep, this book can provide a bit of humor and show them that it’s totally natural to sleep. This book has become so popular, even Samuel L. Jackson lent his voice to it.


Soft Baby Bath Sink Converter

They won’t have to put baby into a cold hard sink anymore for a baby bath. This ingenious gift turns any sink into a luxurious bath spot, protecting baby from metal surfaces and giving them a soft and relaxing bath instead.


Pee Pee Teepees

These are specially designed covers to make sure that you don’t get caught in the line of fire during a diaper change. They are washable and reusable, so it’s easy to keep a stack of them handy whenever it’s time for a new diaper.


Molar Muncher

Teething rings are so old school, because products like the Molar Muncher are superior in every way. This makes sure that it’s getting to all of their teeth, and is very soothing for them to chew on. It has the familiar shape of a pacifier but with two prongs for each side of their mouth.


My Quotable Kid

Kids say the funniest things, and when their child starts talking they’ll be able to keep it all down on paper so they’ll always have a record of it. This is perfect since most times what kids say gets lost over time as new memories are made.


Heirloom Baby Journal

Here’s a keepsake that they’ll be able to treasure for many years, recording all of the things that baby does. It’s the sort of book that all parents wish they had of their child, often when it’s too late to start one.


The Information Blanket

The great thing about getting them this blanket is that for each one that is purchased, a second blanket is sent to a developing country to help with infant mortality rates. It not only provides warmth, but helpful data in respective languages with basic child care tips.


Organic Baby Grooming Kit

This kit comes with everything they’ll need in order to take care of their new baby, all with organic products. So many baby products out there are made with questionable ingredients and materials, so it’s nice to see one with attention to detail.


Letters To My Baby

Parents can take a guided tour of letter writing to their baby so later in life they’ll be able to read and enjoy stories of when they were a baby. It’s a way of making sure they knew what you were thinking back then when they reflect on their upbringing.


Coolit Cooling Dish

They won’t have to worry about blowing on baby’s food or waiting long for it to cool down when you get them this cooling dish. In under a minute foods go from too hot to just the right temperature so you can begin feeding time more quickly.


Diaper Dude Messenger Bag

Since most diaper bags are obvious looking, it’s nice to see a diaper bag that actually looks like a regular bag. The Diaper Dude messenger bag is stylish, but still has all of the necessary pockets to hold everything needed for a diaper change on the go.


Infant Care Troubleshooting Flowchart

Each baby is different, and parents can make their own customized baby troubleshooting flowchart using this set of magnets. They’ll know exactly what to do in any situation by following a series of questions with the recommended actions listed.


Baby Airplane Hammock

For parents that fly a lot or that have a big trip planned with baby in tow, this airplane hammock gives baby a place to be once they’ve reached cruising altitude. It uses the tray table in order to provide baby with a comfy spot right in front of mom or dad.


Baby Memory Book

Keep memories of baby safe and secure with this baby memory book. It makes scrapbooking baby’s story paint by numbers easy and there’s guidance so that new parents don’t forget to document the most important milestones.


Sound Sensing Sleep Sheep

This sleep sheep provides soothing noises for baby, and if it senses any sounds coming from baby, i.e. crying and fussing, it restarts the soothing music so they go back to sleep. It’s able to attach right to the side of their crib so it’s safe and out of the way.


Construction Plate Utensils

Once they’re old enough for solid foods and silverware they can start out with this specially designed plate with construction vehicle fork, spoon, and knife. They’ll have fun eating and can move their food into place with the silverware.


HEPA Air Purifier

Keep baby’s room as pure as can be with this certified HEPA air purifier. HEPA filtration is what hospitals use to keep diseases from spreading, and it works to keep indoor air free of contaminants and allergens.


Nuna Leaf Curv Baby Seat

Here’s a baby seat that looks like something from the future. Its special shape gives it a contemporary look, and it has many functions and has been rated as one of the top baby seats you can buy. It’s the Cadillac of baby seats.


Organic Laundry Detergent

Many times baby’s skin is very sensitive, and they can have an allergic or otherwise adverse reaction to detergents. This organic laundry detergent uses soap nuts as its only ingredient, and they’re reusable so one box should last new parents a long time.


UV Sanitizing Wand

Help them keep their kitchen area sanitized with this UV sanitizing wand. It gets rid of germs without the need for harsh chemicals. It can help keep baby from getting sick, and is an extra step of precaution when getting their bottle or food ready.


Crawlings Knee Pads

These knee pads are designed to keep them crawling without anything happening to their knees. When kids learn to crawl their knees always seem to take a beating, and with these knee pads they can explore more without getting hurt.


Baby Owner’s Manual

Help them learn all they need to know about their new baby with this owner’s manual. It’s been said that baby’s don’t come with instruction books, and this is a guide that tries to remedy that mistake. This is especially important for first time parents.


Mr. Food Face Plate

Give them a bit of fun at the table with this food face plate. It lets them move their food around the face to make it look funny, and to use the food as facial accessories like a mustache or hair.


Baby Sound Spa Projector

Give baby a relaxing experience and help them drift off to the Land of Nod with this sound and light projector. It not only gives them something to listen to, but something to watch as well, projecting images on the ceiling for baby to see.


Portachair Harness

Turn just about any adult sized chair into a baby sized chair with this portachair. This is one gift that will prove to be invaluable to new parents because there always seems to be a need to set baby down and no good place to do so.


Wireless Baby Monitor

Times have changed and technology has improved so much that it’s now possible to keep an eye on baby even when they’re in the other room. This monitor broadcasts both audio and video so you’ll know if baby is up or not.


Organic Sleepy Hat

This sleepy time hat is perfect for when baby wants to take a nap but it’s just too bright during the middle of the day. It’s made of organic materials and has two sleepy eyelids on it so it’s super cute and totally useful.


12 DIY Gifts for New Parents

At-Home Date Night Gift Basket

Give new parents what they really need, a date night! This kit makes sure that you won’t have to babysit for their date night because they get it have an at-home date. It helps them out with dinner and helps them be romantic for a nice night in.

DIY Travel Lap Tray

This lap tray is just as functional as the ones you can buy, but you can do it yourself and still have a nice gift to give new moms and dads. Traveling with baby will be a lot easier when they have this tray for food or toys.

Crochet Pacifier Clip

When the binky hits the ground it needs to be washed, but you can save it from hitting the ground with this pacifier clip. If it pops out, and it will, you just pop it back in because the clip keeps it from going anywhere.

Hooded Car Seat Blanket

Make sure baby is snug all over with this hooded car seat blanket. Most car seat blankets are just blankets, but this one is specifically designed to cradle all of baby with a hood on the top. They’ll love that you made a homemade gift for them.

DIY Nautical Burp Cloth

Babies tend to spit up when they’re being burped, so you can give new parents this homemade burp cloth that has their baby’s name on it. It comes with a nautical theme, but you can use these same instructions and make your own design.

Handcrafted Growth Chart

Help mom and dad keep track of the little one’s growing time with this handcrafted growth chart. It’s a little more sophisticated than writing on the wall with a Sharpie. It is also something that can be stored and saved for later.

Owl Crib Mobile

This mobile features a group of cute owls and goes well in many different styles of baby’s rooms. You may want to check what their theme is going to be before making these for them, and see if owls will work with the other decorations.

No-Sew Baby Wrap

They’ll show you how to make a useful baby wrap without having to sew anything. A baby wrap can be a real lifesaver, and when you have this guide you’ll be able to use your choice of fabric so it’s highly customized.

Teething Crib Rail Guard

Help keep baby safe by using this crib rail guard that is made for teething babies. Crib rails are the perfect height for baby to stand up and chomp on, so it’s good to have this in place before they do because it can be a bit painful to bite a crib rail.

DIY Door Muffler

Help keep does quiet with this handmade door muffler. It goes where the door latch is so that the door doesn’t latch and made noise. It’s perfect for sneaking in undetected to check in on baby, or to leave the room without waking them up.

Sky Block Set

Every mom and dad needs a good set of toys to keep baby busy, and these blocks feature different skies on them, so you’re able to put them together like a puzzle and come up with sunshine, stars, and more.

Custom Baby Onesie

This onesie reads “I’m cute. Mom is cute. Dad is lucky.”. It could be a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that the baby got all of mom’s cute genes, or it could just mean that dad is lucky to have a cute wife and baby.


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