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28 Wonderfully Creative Gifts for Artists

Some of the best gifts for artists will appeal to their artistic and creative nature, or make their job a little more fun or comfortable. Here we’ve selected some of the best gifts to get their creative juices going, or keep them flowing.

28 Wonderfully Creative Gifts for Artists- this is a great list of gifts for artistically minded people. Love it!


Get the artist in your life the iSketchnote and they’ll be able to sketch on paper and have their sketches instantly transferred to a digital medium. Great for sketches on the go, or for those important projects that you want to keep a record of on a computer or other device.


3D Printing Pen

Allow them to take their artistic abilities into the next dimension with this 3D printing pen. They’ll be able to start drawing horizontally, and when they want to they can take things vertical and go where their inspiration takes them.


642 Things to Draw

They’ll never be short on things to draw when they have this book to help give them ideas. There’s 642 different ideas for things to draw so they’ll always be able to hone their talent and take on bigger and more difficult drawings.


Deluxe Sketching Box Set

This box set includes everything they’ll need in order to sketch whatever they’re in the mood for. It’s a great way for artists to branch out and try a new medium if they’re already a pro in one area.


Bamboo Brushes

These brushes not only look good, but they feel good in the hand and will help painters and artists stay with their project longer before tiring out. Artists can use them for a number of projects, including making fine lines as well as broader strokes.


Artist’s Color Wheel

Every artist needs a color wheel by their side, and this one has a few additions to it that will provide a lot of help during a project. It gives information on how to mix colors, as well as which colors harmonize with each other.


Core Muscle Workout Stool

Sitting for long periods can be very taxing on the body. This stool will allow an artist to work out their core muscles, improving their posture and allowing them to stay more comfortable while working.


Gunmetal TV Easel

The ultimate way for an artist to hold their television is with this gunmetal TV easel. It makes an HDTV look like a canvas, and is a striking addition to any room. It holds the TV securely in place, and allows you to adjust it to different heights.


Translucent Drawing Board

This drawing board will help artists because all they’ll need to do is put a light source under it and they’ll be able to trace anything that’s put on top for drawing, coloring, and sketching later. Make sure they don’t have one already in their workspace.


Artist Watch

Any artist would love to wear this watch, which features plenty of supplies that are associated with artistry. Check to see if they’re already a watch-wearer, because it could be that they like to work in a timeless environment, or maybe they can wear it when they’re not working.


Paint with Bob Ross

Everyone’s favorite painter guides you through paintings that come out looking beautiful. Bob Ross walks you through step by step with his classic demeanor and “happy trees” quotes that put a smile on your face as you paint.


Guided City Tour

Inspiration lurks around every corner, even in your own backyard. Get them a guided city tour and they’ll be able to find new landscapes and cityscapes to paint or use as inspiration for a new piece. Perfect if they’re going on a trip, or for the city they live in if they’re new there.


What Would You Attempt Paperweight

This is the question that every quality artist should ask themselves each day: “What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” It will allow them to push the envelope, get out of their comfort zone, and strive to pull out their very best work.


Steal Like an Artist

Not all artistry requires imagination and originality, some of the most famous artists “borrowed” from what had already been done, and just put their spin on it. In some cases they made it better and turned it into something totally new and what many call original.


Beginner’s Acrylic Paint Set

If they’ve expressed interest in getting into painting, you can help start them off with this beginner’s acrylic paint set. It has everything they’ll need to get started, and provides them with a variety of colors and brushes.


Heated Hand Vibration Massagers

No matter what kind of art they’re making, chances are they’ll be using their hands, which can get tired and worn out with excessive use. Get them these heated hand vibration massagers and they’ll be able to be more productive more often.


Water Color iPhone Case

This iPhone case is perfect for an artist because it has a set of watercolors on the back. It immediately identifies the phone user as an artist, and could also be a conversation starter with other artists.


Ultimate Messenger Bag For Art Supplies

This messenger bag has it all, including space for paints and a special holder for plenty of different brushes. The real beauty is that it holds it all without taking up a lot of space or being hard to carry.


Cube 3D Printer

Art meets technology with this 3D printer. They’re able to add in their own designs and have a piece printed right in front of them in 3D. This is the direction that artistry is headed, with less and less requirement of a human hand involved in the creative process.


Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus

This special brush is actually a stylus that lets an artist add their touch right into a smartphone or tablet. It’s a blending of the old and the new as it gives them a familiar tool in the form of a paintbrush, but a new canvas in the form of a touch screen.


Expert Level Coloring Book

Give them a challenge with this expert level coloring book. They’ll have to have some rock solid focus to stay in the lines when there are so many different lines. But the finished pieces come out looking great, and any artist will love a break from having to create from scratch.


Artistic Coasters

Do you know an artist that likes to display their work on Instagram? If so you can surprise them with these coasters which are made by taking Instagram pics and putting them into coaster form. A practical and eye-catching gift.


Wireless Mouse Art

Get them a wireless mouse that is right in line with the work they do. These mice have special designs to them and are works of art that you get to use while at the computer. Perfect for anyone with an artistic sense of style that loves being different and standing out.


Replaceface Prints

These prints are pretty clever, they feature familiar faces but on bodies that are from different periods of time. Take for example the face of Billy Murray or Ricky Gervais and place them on a body from colonial times.


I Draw Comics

Whether or not they draw comics, this is the perfect book to give them if they are into drawing or other types of artwork, or if they’re a fan of comics. It will walk them through the process of drawing some of the most popular superheroes, which can be very rewarding and relaxing

Prices Vary

Indie Wall Art

Here’s a large selection of indie prints that will look great on the wall of any artist. The best part is you can combine things you know they like, such as films and TV shows, and cater the artwork to their particular interests.


City as Canvas

Here’s a book that shows how to use the city that you live in as the canvas, and make wonderful pieces of art that really stand out. There are many art books out there, but this one really ties things together nicely and is a great book for most artists.


Brush Vase

This vase has a striking design and is especially apt for the painter in your life. The base of the vase is made up of different sized paint brushes, and a bright shiny chrome look to it, so it will be easily seen on most any desk.


10 DIY Gifts for Artists

DIY Leather Pencil Case

Here’s a leather pencil case that you can make for them to hold all of their colored pencils. Many artists like to work with colored pencils, as they’re able to get the color they want with the ease of using a pencil.

DIY Adjustable Artists Apron

Every artist needs a good apron so they don’t get their clothes messy, and this apron is great for both men and women and can be adjusted as needed. It’s perfect for artists that like to work with paint, clay, or anything else that makes a mess.

DIY Foam Paint

Artists are always looking for a new medium to work in, and when you provide them with this foaming paint they’ll have a new tool to add a different texture to their work. It’s easy enough to make, but the fact that you took the time to make something from scratch really shines.

Faux Milk Glass

This is a place for them to store their brushes, and it looks like a mason jar filled with milk. But it’s not, it just looks that way and it’s a great addition to any artist’s workshop or studio. It’s even more perfect when you’ve noticed they need a place to store their brushes.

Dipped Paint Brushes

Take ordinary paint brushes and make them so they’re their favorite color with this dipped paint brush tutorial. They’ve used pink in the demonstration, but this is really a way for you to personalize their brushes, or to buy a new set and color them up.

DIY Artist Easel

Here are the instructions to make them a proper artist easel. If you’ve looked at the different easels out there and priced some of them, you may want to go a different route and get them something that is professional and adjustable and that you made on your own.

Edible Finger Paint

For the future artist in your life make up a batch of this edible scented finger paint and watch them go to town. They can make mini masterpieces and you don’t have to worry if they accidentally end up putting some in their mouth.

DIY Artist Portfolio

When they’ve come up with enough art they’re going to need a portfolio to put it in. That’s where you come in with this DIY artist portfolio. It will hold and showcase their work, and also keep it organized so it doesn’t get lost or ruined.

Driftwood Brush Holder

Even though it looks like a piece of driftwood, it’s actually a handy brush holder and will make a positive addition to any artist space. It can hold brushes of different shapes and sizes, and keeps them within easy reach when they’re needed.

Giant Artist Canvas

Sometimes a regular-sized canvas just isn’t enough. That’s when it’s time to go giant-sized with this tutorial. Make them a big canvas and don’t be surprised if they make a giant painting for you on it.


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