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100 Coolest Father’s Day Gifts of 2014

Looking for the perfect gift this Father’s Day? We’ve got you covered with some of the coolest gifts out there that will make a lasting impression. From lavish gifts to tools he’ll use most every day we’ve got a large selection of items that will put a smile on Dad’s face until next year.

100 Coolest Father’s Day Gifts of 2014- this is the holy grail for Father’s Day gift ideas! So many cool, unique gifts.

iGrill Mini

Father’s Day is the signal that summer is in full swing, and what better way to show Dad you love him than with this mini version of the popular iGrill device. It’s a meat thermometer that will let him know when dinner’s ready, so really it’s a gift that benefits the whole family.

Prices Vary

GPS-Enabled Sport Watch

Help Dad keep track of his activity with this sports watch that includes the capability of measuring how far he goes. It has built in GPS tracking so he’ll know how many miles he’s run or biked, and how far he’s swum. Great for the active guy or to help spur on the couch potato.

Prices Vary

Monthly Underwear

The gift that keeps on giving! Dad gets a fresh pair of undies delivered each month, and you’ll get the benefit of not having to see his old boxers when he has one of his lazy days around the house. If he generally keeps his underpants past their prime, this is the perfect thoughtful gift.


Baseball Glove Oven Mitt

Baseball season is in full swing by the time Father’s Day rolls around, and this makes a great gift for the dad that loves to bake up game day treats. It does its best to resemble a baseball glove while providing all of the protection of an oven mitt.

Prices Vary

Ryobi One Plus Ultimate Combo Kit

Why settle for just one power tool when you can get Dad an army of them? This tool set features some of the most popular tools that can do the most jobs around the house. Each one is battery powered so they’re easy to use and cordless. Includes a circular saw and a drill for most DIY tasks.

Prices Vary

F-Bomb Paperweight

Does dad drop his fair share of f-bombs? This paperweight pays homage to this powerful four letter word with a cute play on images. Features a bomb with the letter f in front of it with a metallic finish for added realism. It might not cut down on his swearing but he’ll sure love it.


Made By Dad Book

This handy book shows Dad how to make all sorts of neat little things to keep things interesting around the house. If he’s a natural do-it-yourselfer he’ll take to these little mini projects with a zest you’ll only normally see with bigger tasks. Many of the projects use common items from around the home.


Game Fixing Golf Balls

If Dad is always complaining about how he can’t get his golf game sorted out, these special golf balls might help. They address the two most common problems golfers experience on the course: hooks and slices. They’re specially designed to counteract these bad habits, making Dad a pretty good golfer, even if he’s not.


Dynatrap Bug Trapper

This ingenious bug trapper works without the use of chemicals, by using lights and carbon dioxide to attract mosquitos. It then traps them so they can’t bug you anymore, and lets you enjoy your outdoor activity without the nuisance and itchy bites. All of this happen silently, without the annoying zap of a bug zapper.

Prices Vary

Dog Blueprint

Get your Dad a blueprint of his best friend with these dog diagrams. There are many different breeds to choose from, so chances are his favorite pup will be on the list. The blueprints show interesting facts about the dog and are a great tribute to a loyal home companion.


His Own Cold Stone

Does Dad love his ice cream? This is like having your very own Cold Stone right in your home. It features holders for each utensil, as well as compartments to hold the mix-ins. Pop the marble slab in the freezer and your ice cream won’t melt as you mix in your favorites.



After a grill session the last thing dad wants to do is clean off the grill. But it’s imperative for next time that it gets taken care of. That’s why the Grillbot is the way to go, it will clean off the grill for Dad so he can spend more time with you and less time up to his elbows in grill gunk.


Personalized Beer Mug

This beer mug celebrates the day that Dad became a dad with the birth dates of his kids on it. It’s oversized, so it can hold plenty of beer, and he’ll really feel like a champ when he sees how long he’s been “established”.


Beats Executive Over-Ear Headphones

These noise-canceling headphones go over Dad’s ears so he’ll be immersed in his music and can totally tune out the world around him. It’s great for a dad that loves to listen to his tunes, especially if the rest of the family doesn’t care for his taste in music.

Prices Vary

The Terminator Anthology

Here’s a DVD set that you can’t go wrong with. It features all of the movies from The Terminator franchise so Dad can kick back and relax with a little Arnold. Includes a total of four movies, all in Blu-ray quality picture and sound for the best at-home viewing experience.


Ergonomic Joystick Mouse

Does Dad spend all day on the computer for work? Help ease his pain with this ergonomic mouse that is in the form of a joystick. It might even add a little fun to his day rather than using a boring traditional mouse.


Amazon Fire TV

Amazon has made it so that you can get all of your favorite streaming services all in one place, and you can search for things with your voice. Imagine speaking the name of your favorite show, genre, or actor and being taken directly to what you’re looking for.

Prices Vary

Electric Power Washer

If Dad hasn’t finished with the spring cleaning, there’s still time. Help him have an easier go of things with this electric power washer. It has been rated the best and has a pretty powerful motor for being electric. Dad will be able to blast through all types of dirt and grime with this.


Wine Infused Grilling Plank Set

This set lets Dad grill his favorite foods and infuses them with the flavor of wine. The perfect gift for a dad that loves to have a glass of wine with his meal. He can grill up veggies and meats and the planks allow the food to soak up the flavor.


GoPro Hero

If Dad loves to get out and have an adventure you can’t go wrong with getting him one of these extreme cameras. They’re designed to go wherever he goes and capture the footage from a first person point of view.


MLB Uniform Print

This is sure to be a hit with any dad that loves his baseball. It comes framed and is made to be a replica of what it would be like to have your name on the back of a real jersey. You can customize the name so you can personalize it or just put “DAD” on the back.


Fighter Pilot for a Day

Give dad the most extreme gift we could find. Not only does he get to ride in a fighter jet, he actually gets to fly the plane at some points. It’s an experience he’ll never forget, and you’ll have a hard time topping this gift for years to come.


Property of My Kids T-Shirt

Here’s a fun shirt that lets everyone know who owns Dad. They let you put up to five different names so this is a gift that’s best for bigger families. It’ll quickly become his favorite t-shirt since it has each of his kids’ names on it.


Steaks for the Grill

Summer grilling is best when there’s a nice thick steak on the grill, and Omaha Steak has been delivering amazing tasting meat for decades now. You can get their Father’s Day deal and send Dad amazing cuts like filet mignon and sirloins as well as pork chops and burgers all in one package.


Briefcase Turntable

If Dad still has some old records but is sans record player, this turntable is just what he needs. It’s designed to look like a briefcase, and is stylish enough to keep out all the time to add to the decor of a room.


Ticket Stub Diary

Help Dad keep track of all the things he’s attended, whether that’s sporting events, rock concerts, or nights at the opera. Rather than keeping them in a shoebox this diary displays them properly and provides some chronological order so he won’t forget when he went or what he saw.


Microcut Shredder

Dad can keep his identity a little safer with this cross cut shredder. There’s no putting the pieces back together for scammers going through the trash when it’s obliterated into hundreds of tiny pieces and cut crosswise so there’s no strings of paper left in the trash.


Golf Swing Analyzer

Does Dad complain about not being able to figure out his swing? With this swing analyzer all he has to do is put on a special meter and swing like he normally would. It goes to work to determine what he’s doing wrong, and as he improves it will show him where he’s gotten better and where he still needs work.


Camo Diaper Bag

Keep a new dad well equipped and looking like he’s ready for baby battle with this camouflaged diaper bag. It contains all of the compartments you’ll need for bottles, diapers, baby wipes and more, and is something he’ll never leave home without. The distinctive styling sets it apart from ordinary diaper bags.


Nexus 5

The Nexus 5 from Google is one of the more advanced Android smartphones on the market, and is priced at about half the cost of an unlocked iPhone 5s. The big feature that Dad is sure to love is the camera, which will let him take great panoramic shots and upload them easily for sharing.


Pillow Top Hammock

Give Dad a rest with this pillow top hammock that requires no trees to function. It comes with its own stand and is ultra comfy. No more worries about comfort when you’re in one of the hammocks, as the extra cushioning on top means you won’t feel the netting underneath.


Darth Vader Floor Mats

Dad can take one more step closer to joining the Dark Side with these Darth Vader floor mats. This is a must have for any Star Wars enthusiast that’s also a car enthusiast. The menacing The Imperial March gets stuck in your head just at the sight of them.


Digital Polaroid Camera

If Dad remembers having one of the original Polaroid cameras, he’s probably secretly disappointed that they went away. Now you can bring the joy of instant photo hard copies with this digital polaroid that takes digital shots and prints them instantly. You don’t even have to shake these photos to help them dry.



This is a way to get Dad to work out a bit more than he currently does. If he could stand to lose a few pounds, P90X is a time-tested and reliable way to burn them off. It’s been used by thousands of people already and will work as long as he follows the program.


Every Clint Eastwood Film

The perfect gift for the Eastwood fan, this set contains 40 of his films so Dad can get up to speed on this legendary actor. It may not be every single film, but it’s gotta be close to it. Go ahead, make his (Father’s) day.


Avatar Gaming PC

Is Dad a gamer? If so you can give his gaming experience a serious upgrade with this PC that’s specifically made for playing the most popular games out there. No matter what game he’s into, chances are this equipment can handle it, with a fast processor and graphics card.

Prices Vary

Propane Camp Fire

No need to gather twigs and wrestle with the matchbook, this propane camp fire will have you up and running in no time. It features fake logs to replicate the look, but doesn’t have the smoke and ash associated with a traditional bonfire.


Beer Glass Froster

Here’s a great gift for the dad that fancies himself an at-home bartender. It takes an unchilled glass and frosts it in just ten seconds. It’s perfect if he’s always lamenting about running out of frosted glasses when he’s hosting a party or just having a beer with his mates.


Electronic Screw Driver Set

This screw driver set has everything Dad needs to handle any sort of situation that might arise. If there’s a screw that this set can’t handle, it has yet to be invented. It has over 150 pieces so there’s finally nothing standing in the way of fixing those jobs around the house.


Grill Light and Fan

Help Dad see what he’s doing on those nights when the picnic goes long into the night. This light illuminates the food and surrounding area, and also helps to vent some of the smoke coming off the grill. Bad news: it vents the aroma of grilled food even more so you’ll be plenty hungry by the time it’s ready.


Fully Equipped Tackle Box

Dad will have everything he needs in order for a successful fishing trip when you get him this tackle box loaded with fishing necessities. Be careful, he may end up waking you up at 4am to get to the fish nice and early, but that could just be part of the gift as well.


Tactical DAD Apron

This apron has compartments for anything and everything Dad uses while he’s manning the grill. It’s designed to look like a tactical vest, the kind that a SWAT team would use, so it’s fun to see Dad in front of the grill looking ready to take on anything.


Robo Mower

Let Dad unwind instead of having to mow the lawn all summer with this robotic mower that is like a Roomba for the yard. You just set it up and it will deftly avoid obstacles as it goes over the yard and does the job for you. The Jetsons would be proud.

Prices Vary

Whiskey Stones

These stones keep Dad’s whiskey or other beverage icy cold without watering it down. Gives new meaning to “on the rocks” and is one of the coolest ways to enjoy a drink. When ice melts it changes the flavor of the drink by diluting it. These stones get icy cold and stay that way until the drink is finished.


Best. Dad. Ever. T-Shirt

This shirt says it all and if you believe you have the best dad ever there’s no better way to broadcast it than with big letters. The shirt comes in several different colors so you can pick out which one you think will look best on him.


Corona Stainless Steel Cooler

Here’s the cooler you’ve seen in all of those TV ads that show people having a great time thanks in part to the consumption of multiple Coronas. With summer upon us it’s a great time to give dad this durable stainless steel cooler, and you can even pre-load it with a six-pack.


Sh*t My Dad Says

Does Dad have a certain way with words? This is the classic that started a sitcom of the same name, and originally was a series of Twitter posts about things his dad said. It’s sure to resonate with a dad that always seems to spout off interesting sayings.


Walkie Talkies

Here’s a fun little toy that will connect with the little kid inside your dad. It’s got much better range than what he played with as a child, and can come in handy on car trips and other outings where it’s fun to check in with each other. Breaker, breaker. 1040. Over and out.


Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

Keep Dad’s hands soft and comfortable with these work gloves that flex to his hands, rather than the other way around. They’re durable, but they conform to his hands so that he can get a good grip on the tool he’s using.


Superfight! Card Game

Here’s a game that a nerdy dad will love, it pits different characters against each other and tries to figure out who would win if they got into a fight. It has the sort of format that has become popular recently, mimicking such games as Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity, but with a superhero twist.


14-in-1 Hammer Tool

This hammer tool is much more than a hammer. It contains several more tools than just a hammer, but can still do the job of a hammer. It all folds up nicely into a handy tool that fits neatly into Dad’s toolbox or in a junk drawer so it’s always at the ready.


8-Piece Stainless-Steel Grill Tool Set

Here’s a set of grill tools that will keep dad equipped with everything he needs to do the job of a proper grill master. When you combine this tool set with the tactical apron found above you’ve really outdone yourself and Dad will have a tool for every compartment.

Prices Vary

Dad’s Playbook

This book gives Dad some really good advice on how to be a great dad, given by coaches that really know how to motivate. If he loves sports than he’ll love the different analogies they make between fatherhood and different sports, which makes it all very applicable so he can put it to use right away.


Eames Lounge and Ottoman

This is one of the most comfortable chairs known to man. If you really want to knock Dad’s socks off help him kick back and relax with this set. It of course has all of the trappings you’d expect like leather and wood, and is well-crafted for years of use.


Mr. Beer Brewing Kit

If you know Dad has been thinking of getting into the world of beer brewing, this is his entry ticket. It makes it all paint by numbers easy, but it is also a real kit that produces tasty, drinkable beer in different styles. If Dad is a beer lover this is a can’t-miss gift.



Now that the smoke has cleared from the Christmas holiday rush, the winner of the video game competition has emerged. It’s the PS4. For the ultimate at-home gaming experience there’s no better gift than this console. Pair it with a game he’ll love and watch him get engaged for hours.

Prices Vary

Ultimate Bug Out Bag

This is the bag that will get you out of danger and help you survive for up to three days. So no matter if it’s a zombie apocalypse or just a forced evacuation due to a natural disaster, Dad can retain a sense of normality and help you all out of the mess.


Tactical Lunch Kit

Here’s the best way for Dad to take his lunch with him on his outdoor activities. It looks like some serious gear, but is really just a lunch box capable of taking a beating and still functioning. It has the word LUNCH in big letters so everyone knows what it is.


Fleece Lined Snoozies

These snoozies are lined with fleece to keep Dad’s tootsies extra comfortable. He may not need them much during the summer, but when winter rolls around he’ll remember your awesome gift and be happy that he has them. They’re more comfortable than ordinary slippers, and are sure become his new favorite thing.

Prices Vary

World’s Greatest Dad Parking Only

This is a fantastic addition to Dad’s man cave, and is sure to be an instant classic. He can hang it up next to his favorite recliner and send the message that he’s the only one authorized to sit in that spot.


Pac Man Arcade Machine

This is a classic game that’s sold brand new and will look great in any game room. Chances are your dad played Pac-Man and if you know he’s a fan this is a no-brainer that is sure to eat up hours of his time, but thankfully no more of his quarters.


Heated Shaving Cream Dispenser

Treat Dad to the feeling of luxury each time he shaves. This dispenser heats up the shaving cream and dispenses it with no mess so he gets a nicely moisturized face with the heat softening up the skin so it makes it easy to shave and get all the hairs in one pass.


Best Dad Oscar

And the Academy Award for Best Dad goes to… Yours! This is a neat little award that you can give your Dad, showing him that he’s doing a great job and could win an award if they had that category. Looks great on any mantle, but hopefully it doesn’t lead to a cheesy acceptance speech, unless you want one.


Class Dad up a bit with this butler tray that puts all of his essential items in one place so he’s not looking for them when it’s time to head out the door. Common things to put it in include his keys, wallet, sunglasses, and phone.


Manly Moisturizer

Things don’t necessarily have to have manly on the label in order for them to be manly, but it doesn’t hurt. This is a moisturizer that is made for the manliest of dads, taking into consideration that even the manly need to be well moisturized.

Prices Vary

iPhone 5 Charging Case

This case has a charger built right into it so whenever Dad’s phone needs a re-up he can plug it in directly. It’s great because it’s as portable as it gets, folding out the plugs so it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice.


Office Chair Racer

This office chair puts a little more fun in the office by looking like it belongs on a race track. Inspired by the inside of a racing car, all that’s missing is a pit stop crew and this thing would be race ready. If Dad is into racing he’ll love this office upgrade.


Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

OK, so maybe this isn’t the coolest gift you can give Dad, but walking around with visible nose and ear hair is definitely uncool. It can be tough keeping up with the constant outgrowth, so give dad a hand where he needs it most and you won’t have to look at the thickets anymore.


Bose Solo TV Sound System

This TV system by Bose is an all-in-one unit that delivers impressive sound without having to wire up a bunch of little speakers around the room. Thanks to the design it can deliver rich sound that sounds like surround from one unit that goes under the TV.


Chipping Target

Here’s a target for Dad to practice his short-range golf game in the backyard, the park, or wherever he can set it up. Often overlooked, the short game is essential for an all around good golf game, so you’ll be helping him out and improving his game.


T-Fal OptiGrill

Grilling is the way to go but sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate. Here’s a way to make it so Dad can get the benefits of grilling all year long. This is a high tech version of the popular George Foreman, and senses the thickness of your food and adjusts the time accordingly.


Fish Finder

Help Dad spend less time looking for the fish and more time catching them with this fish finding radar. He’ll be able to put the boat in the best spot possible so he has the best chance at reeling in The Big One, or a series of smaller ones.

Prices Vary

Man Cave Neon Clock

This clock is specifically designed to be displayed in Dad’s man cave, and is lit up so that it’s easily visible from anywhere in the room. Makes a great addition to an already established man cave, or an inaugural piece for a newly minted cave zone.


70 Inch Big Screen

Go big or go home! This big screen TV is a whopping 70 inches and delivers the crisp and clear picture you expect from Sony. It’s a great way to watch Blu-ray movies and play the latest video games on systems like the PS4 and Xbox One, not to mention sports watching.

Prices Vary

Automobile Gel Seat Cushion

Here’s a gift that Dad will use every day. It’s a way to keep his bottom cool and comfortable for long trips or even just his daily commute. All summer long he’ll be thinking of you while he doesn’t overheat during the summer thanks to a cooling gel in the cushion.


Heavy Duty Flashlight

This is the classic Maglite flashlight, it’s made of metal and made to take a beating and still work just fine. It’s the sort of flashlight that comes in handy when the power goes out, and also comes in handy for odd jobs around the house. Every dad should have one.


Pizza Grilling Stone

The grill gets a whole new range of cooking options with the addition of this pizza grilling stone. It makes a pizza up on the grill and locks in the grilled flavor right into the pizza. The toppings get nice and browned, and the bottom is cooked crisp thanks to the baking stone.


Hiking Sandals

These sandals are specially made for going in places that normal sandals aren’t cut out for. They have toe protection so you don’t have to worry about climbing up rocky paths, and they provide extra cushioning for longer hikes into the woods.


Coca-Cola Vending Fridge

Does Dad enjoy a nice cold cola when he’s ready to relax? This personal vending machine lets you load it up with his favorite drinks and provides the added novelty of being able to get a soda from the vending machine without inserting a dollar bill or two.


Golf Travel Case

If Dad doesn’t have a golf travel case yet, you can be the one that gives him it, as every golfer needs one sooner or later. To make this gift even better you could even get him a plane ticket to the location of his favorite golf course as a weekend trip he’ll remember forever.


Professional Power Massager

This is a way to give Dad a massage without exerting a lot of effort. The power massager does most of the work, but it does need a user in the back to put it where he needs it. It can also be used solo, but resting it up against a chair.



You may have seen this on TV but it’s a cross between a stair climber and a treadmill, and it’s sure to keep Dad in great health for a long and happy life. This is a low impact exercise that will keep him fit all year long regardless of the weather.


Bond 22-Film Blu-ray Collection

This is the ultimate collection of James Bond films, with 22 in total, all in Blu-ray quality. Dad can rewatch the classics or have one heck of a marathon and go all the way up to the current Bond films. Don’t be surprised if he goes around with a British accept for awhile after watching.


Metal Detector

This can be used as a hobby or just to find lost items out in the yard. It’s nice because you don’t have to wave around a big wand, you point this to the area in question and it tells you whether it’s worth searching in that spot or not.


300-Piece Poker Chip Set

Here’s everything Dad needs to have an awesome poker night with his buddies. You could also get him a poker table if he doesn’t have one yet. That would really be the ultimate poker set up. This comes with its own custom case so everything fits nicely until the next game time.


Personalized Wooden Beer Holder

This wooden beer holder holds an entire six pack of bottles and can be personalized with whatever you want on it that Dad will love. It’s much better than the holders that most six packs come in, and there’s no worries about breaking any bottles when they’re this secure.


Game of Thrones Boxed Set of Books

If Dad is a fan of the HBO series he’ll love delving into the books that started it all. Even though they have the author on set to make sure it’s a faithful retelling, there’s nothing like getting back to the source material and seeing what makes the characters tick.


Adjustable Dumbbells

These adjustable dumbbells are like having a full set all in one without taking up all of the space. Pair this with a workout bench and Dad will have everything he needs to complete a wide array of exercises to build up lean muscle.


Baseball Bat Bottle Opener

These bottle openers are made out of actual baseball bats that were used in MLB baseball games. That makes them extra special, and a keepsake that Dad is sure to want to keep for years and years. You can select his favorite team of course, and most teams are covered.


A Year of Men’s Health

Dad can stay in better health for an entire year with this subscription to Men’s Health. It includes both the digital and print version, so he’ll have his share of reading options. Tips on staying fit, being more healthy, and the latest data on which foods to eat are just some of what’s in here.


Official-Sized Basketball

By the time Father’s Day rolls around Dad will have been through March Madness and the NBA Finals, so his desire to play basketball will be at an all-time high. Help that urge with this officially licensed ball, the same ball they use in actual NBA games.


Sports Trivia Cards

Help Dad get the conversation started with these trivia cards that are based on some of the most popular sports. He’ll be able to quiz his buddies or you can pick his brain and see how much he really knows about his favorite sports.


Personalized Wooden Pub Sign

This is great for the dad that has his own at-home bar, and will make it look even more legit. The sign looks like something you’d find at an old time pub and it can be personalized with the name of his fictional pub name or the family name.


USA World Cup Shirt

This year Father’s Day falls within the World Cup and with this t-shirt Dad will look the part of a soccer fan as he cheers on the red, white, and blue. It only rolls around every four years so this is a very thoughtful and timely gift.

Prices Vary

Bose Bluetooth Headset

It took Bose awhile to get into the Bluetooth headset game, but now that they’re in it they’ll likely take it over. This is the same company that brings you the famous noise-canceling headphones and now they’re making it easier to hear your phone calls. Can handle noise and wind with ease.


Car Cover

Help Dad keep his favorite car nice and clean with a car cover that is designed to fit his particular car like a glove. A car cover means less time washing the car or less expense in getting it washed all the time. Perfect if he has a car he doesn’t drive much.


BBQ Sauce of the Month Club

This is a way to let dad savor the flavor each month with a brand new sauce delivered to him directly. There are a few different plans to choose from, and each comes with its own features. No better time than the summer to try out new and delicious sauces.


The Closer

Mariano Rivera is inarguably the best baseball closer of all time and he’s fresh off of his retirement. His new book details the trials and tribulations he faced and overcame during his illustrious career. Great for any fan of the game, not just Yankee fans.



Enable Dad to download and read a brand new book in under a minute flat. The Kindle puts just about any book in his hands quickly, and lets him store a virtual library of books all on one device. If he doesn’t have an ebook reader, this is the one he’ll love.

Prices Vary

Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit

Send Dad a subtle hint that he needs to take care of his skin to keep it looking tip-top and to avoid the signs of aging. This skin care kit makes it so he’ll always look his best and includes a variety of products to tend to the different parts of his face and body.



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