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20 Engagement Gift Ideas They Won’t Forget

Picking the right engagement gift is a lot easier when you have a pre-sorted list of gifts to choose from. You want to get them something they’ll remember during their engagement and long after the wedding. Find the gift that best suits their personal style from the options below.

Get them a unique engagement gift with these great ideas. Take a stand against boring gifts!

What I Love About You By Me Book

When you buy this gift you have to get two, one for the bride and the other for the groom. This book allows the happy couple to tell each other different things that they love about each other and after they complete the books then they can give them to each other to read.


Bridal Shower Wine Poem

This gift is something that the couple will use at different milestones in their life. Each wine bottle is to be saved for a special occasion in their lives. And you can personalize them for the occasions, like wedding night, first fight, first baby, first anniversary, and so on.


Rustic Wedding Wine Glasses

If you want something to go with the wine poem gift, you can include these great wine glasses for the couple. They can be used at the wedding and beyond. They aren’t like other wine glasses because they are accented with twine and wood, which is a great gift for a couple who loves the outdoors.


Rubix 8 Picture Multi Wall Frame

Functionality is very important in choosing a gift for the couple. This gift is great because you know that they will use it to display family and friends and it also comes in three colors to match the couple’s home. It could also be used as a frame to display their wedding photos; with this gift the possibilities are endless.


Chalkboard Table Runner

Most couples know that they will soon be hosting parties with friends and family so why not help them with proper fun gifts to help them out? This chalkboard table runner lets them create their own display for the food and can help guests know what wine goes with what on the table.


Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp

Another gift that is functional and that the couple will use year after year is this lamp. It is great as an accent in a living room or dining room and also small enough to be a light for their night stands for some late-night reading. For the price you can buy two and still spend under $50.


Three Wishes for You

This gift is personable because you get to create the wishes for the couple. This gift includes three wishbones and a black bag along with a card with your wishes on it. This is something that they will look at years later and remember who gave it to them and how much it means to them.


The Mad Hatter’s Candlesticks

If the couple you are shopping for likes whimsical things, then you should check out these candlesticks. They are deformed but they are a great conversation piece for their home and everyone knows that story of Alice in Wonderland. And who wouldn’t want a great set of candlesticks for their engagement party?


Embossed Cake Server Set

What if you could take some of the burden off the wedding day by getting the couple the knife and server for their wedding cake? That is why this is such a great gift that can be used and also displayed after their wedding.


Vine Monogram Toasting Flutes

This is also another great gift that the couple can use on their wedding day for their first toast as well as years later on anniversaries and special occasions. And since you can personalize them, it makes them extra special to the couple and helps them remember you and their wedding day.


Artisan Pillar Candle Holder – Botanical

Some of the greatest gifts that you can give a newly engaged couple are things for their home because they are now taking two homes and making one and you want to give them stuff that is both of theirs. This candle can be admired by men and women and would look great in just about any home.


Curved Mercury Vases

Over the years, the groom will be bringing his bride home flowers for special occasions, so they will need a nice vase to display them. These vases come in different sizes and are the right color to match any home décor. And for the price you can buy a couple for their home.

$29.00 – $54.00

Congratulations! Deluxe Balsam Gift Basket

This basket is filled with treats that the couple can enjoy on their wedding night or after they come home from their party. This is one of the best gifts you can give if you are unsure of what to get the couple because everyone loves chocolate and cookies.


The Bride To Be Book: A Journal of Memories From the Proposal To “I Do”

This book is a perfect gift for a bride who wants to remember every moment of their special day. This book allows her to write down everything that happens from getting engaged to the big day. This keepsake will be something that she will look at often to remember all those happy memories.

Prices Vary

Philosophy Here Comes The Bride

This is another gift that is just for the bride. Every bride wants to look her best on her big day and this gift can help her do that. Inside, she will find bath and body products that she can use to make her feel and look great for their big day.

Prices Vary

Wedding Bands Interlocking Duo Picture Frame

The couple can remember their day with this wedding band picture frame. While they will get other picture frames as gifts, this one is a little different because of its shape and display. And inside of the rings it says, “With this ring I thee wed….”


Willow Tree Promise

You don’t need a face to tell someone you love him or her but the way that someone holds you can tell you a lot, which is what this artist does with these figurines. This happy couple is holding each other dancing and is something that can easily be displayed in the couple’s home.


Personalized Monogram Key Holder

This is something that can be easily displayed by the couple’s door to show their love and help them from losing their keys, which is a huge plus in gift giving. It displays their names and the year that they were married for all to see as they enter the house.


Malden Mr. & Mrs. Medal Wedding Frame

This frame is the perfect display to show others a picture of the couple on their wedding day. The words Mr. and Mrs. are displayed with hearts and a bouquet as well as a heart-shaped frame in the middle, where they can place a photo of them.


Wedding Countdown Plaque

Every couple is very excited about their upcoming nuptials and what better way to remind them every day than with a plaque that counts down the days till their wedding day? This is great to keep them on track with their planning and help them get more excited as the days become lower.

Prices Vary

9 DIY Engagement Gift Ideas

DIY Wedding Countdown Blocks

Help them count down all of those little days before the Big Day with this DIY block set that let’s them change the number of days remaining. They can do so quickly and easily by rearranging a few blocks. They’ll be able to see at a glance just how much time is left.

Stamped Clay Ring Dish

This is a beautiful gift that will be there for them when they’re ready to put their rings in it. It features a simple styling of their initials with the classic plus sign to show that they’re together forever. A simple and smart gift that shows you care.

DIY Giant Moon Backdrop

Give them an engagement photo shoot that will be better than everyone else’s when you make them this oversized moon. It is just the prop that will make their shoot stand out, and will give them a unique look that you just don’t see very often.

DIY Twine Wrapped Ampersand

This twine-wrapped ampersand is just the sort of DIY gift that looks like something you bought from the store. What better way to show their love for each other and their upcoming title of Mr. & Mrs. than with an and sign?

DIY Diamond Garland

When he’s given her the ring this fun diamond garland will help celebrate. It’s perfect for decorating and can be used at an engagement party or as a photo prop. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend this gift is perfectly apt.

Vintage Clothes Pin Frame

There’s sure to be lots of new pictures of the engaged couple, so you can make this craft that provides a place to showcase them. It has a vintage style to it, and holds more than one picture, since today’s photo shoots usually produce more than one keeper.

DIY Ring Holder

Here’s a beautiful way to display their rings, and the best part is you can make it by hand. There’s a special energy to handmade gifts, they show you care and that you wanted to take the time to make them something from the heart.

Geeky Photo Shoot Prop

Let them display their geeky side when you make them this simple heart photo shoot prop that makes them look #CuterThanCute. It’s easy to make but produces great pictures they’ll be happy to share with family and friends to announce their engagement.

Paper Orchids for a Photo Shoot

These paper orchids make a great prop for their engagement photo shoot, and give the happy couple a unique look that will be immortalized for years to come. For the couple that already has everything, this is the perfect DIY gift that’s done in no time.


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