100 Best Christmas Gifts for Moms of 2016


Moms deserve the best because they did everything for us before we could do it ourselves. These gifts for mom are all something special and items that she’s sure to remember until the next holiday season rolls around. Christmas gifts for mom can be hard to find, but you can choose any of the following for a guaranteed hug and kiss from your wonderful mother.

100 Best Christmas Gifts for Moms- love these unique and thoughtful gift ideas.

Nest Protect

Nest Protect is the future of smoke detectors, and has some really interesting features that separates it from modern day conventional smoke detectors. It connects to your phone to give you alerts and notifications and it is also able to detect carbon monoxide. It can be set to alert you with a voice alarm rather than the loud screeching of a traditional smoke detector.


Nourishing Hand Butter

This hand butter is made with shea butter, so it’s going to be very soothing and moisturizing for Mom’s hands. If you’ve noticed in the past that she tends to get dry hands in the winter, she’s not alone. This is a common problem that affects many people, but you can help her make it through with this high-quality hand butter.


Bose SoundTouch

The new SoundTouch system by Bose operates using the WiFi in her home. She is able to control which stations she wants to play using her smartphone, and if you buy her multiple units she can sync up all of the speakers to play the same song throughout the entire house, or have one room playing one song and another room playing a different song.


The Beatles Original Studio Recordings Box Set

If Mom is a Beatles fan you can’t go wrong with this box set of the original studio recordings. It adds a whole new dimension to her appreciation of John, Paul, George, and Ringo, and will give her hours of musical enjoyment. Chances are Mom grew up during the Beatles craze, and this will help her relive those days.


Lobster Grams

Send Mom lobster with these lobster grams. It’s a way to ship her premium lobster tails, as well as entire lobsters without worrying if they’re going to be high quality and delicious. If she is a seafood fanatic, you can’t go wrong with this. All she’ll have to do is drop it in the pot and she’ll be on her way to a delicious meal in no time.


Classic Roadster by Raleigh

Here is one of the best bikes we’ve been able to find for moms. It is a throwback to the old classic roadsters that would fill city sidewalks. Encourage Mom to get more exercise each day with one of the top bicycle manufacturers on the planet. The quality craftsmanship means she’ll have less problems with the bike over the years.


SmartStart Remote Car Starter

The SmartStart remote car starter from Viper is a great way to put the control of her car in the palm of her hands. She can start the car from inside the home during the cold winter months, and it will be heated for her when she gets in. Likewise, it will be cold for her in the hot summer months with the AC on. She can also lock or unlock the car from anywhere, which can be very handy if she forgets to lock it.


Astro Super Flashlight

The Astro super flashlight is the way for mom to get around at night when she makes her nightly trip to the bathroom, or needs to make her way through the house for any other reason. She can wear it around her neck so that she can have her hands free, and the light will be in the perfect position to light her path as she walks around.


Rosetta Stone Online Access

Keep Mom’s mind active and sharp by encouraging her to learn a new language. Learning a new language is often regarded as one of the best ways to maintain mental acuity as the years go by. Chances are you know which language Mom would want to learn, but it is easy enough to ask her without giving away the fact that you’re thinking about buying her a language learning package.


Arc’teryx Covert Fleece Hooded Jacket

This fleece hooded jacket is very fashionable, and made to superior standards so you know Mom will be getting a fantastic looking jacket that she’ll love to wear. It will definitely keep her warm when conditions outside get lousy. It includes the hood so that you won’t lose all of the heat, and it contains pockets so she can keep her hands warm as well.


Gourmet Popcorn Tin

Treat Mom to a fantastic movie night at home with this gourmet popcorn tin from Popcornopolis. All they are interested in doing is making gourmet popcorn that pretty much kicks all other popcorn to the curb. They have such a wide assortment of different flavors and styles of popcorn, it is easy to tailor which one you get to your Mom’s particular taste.


Deluxe Clothes Shaver

If Mom has a collection of sweaters and fleeces that tend to attract pills and lint, you’ll want to get her this deluxe clothes shaver so that she can easily take them off. It can be really hard to take off those pills with a lint brush and many times they need to be picked off using fingers. If she suffers even mildly from arthritis this can be very painful, so get her this shaver to make it easy.


Holiday Turkey

Let mom take it easy this holiday season by taking care of the turkey. This smoked turkey has won awards for how good it tastes, and it comes ready to eat so she doesn’t even have to worry about cooking it, as it’s served cold. It’ll be a gift that everyone can enjoy, and it’ll show Mom that you really appreciate all the years she put in making Christmas dinner.


Elephant and Baby Poster

This elephant is seen with her baby, and is a sure way to put a smile on Mom’s face each time she sees it. Moms are suckers for pictures that focus on a mother animal with her baby, and this elephant duo is just as cute as can be. There might not be anything cuter than a baby elephant, because even though they’re babies they’re still already so big, but still so cute.


Food Journeys of a Lifetime

Take Mom on 500 different food journeys that may just end up sparking a travel bug in her. If she loves to eat and to travel, this book will definitely get her gears spinning. It features incredible stories of some amazing meals that have been had in different parts of the world. If she is already well traveled it will be something she will likely relate to.


Custom Bookplate Stamp

If Mom is an avid reader, chances are she will love these custom bookplates. It lets her label her books with her name on the inside cover, and they can be completely personalized to say whatever you want them to so you can make one that you know she will love.


Organic Aromatherapy Gift Set

Aromatherapy has been shown to be able to help get people into a different state of mind using only the power of scent. This gift set is broken down by four different effects that Mom will definitely enjoy. There are scents for relief, energy, peace, and sleep, and each will work naturally instead of using chemicals or drugs.


Baker’s Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan

Give mom the idea of making more brownies with this nonstick brownie pan that makes it so everybody gets the equivalent of a corner piece. Everyone likes to have a nice edge to their brownie, and this pan makes sure that each piece comes out with at least two edges on it, just like a corner piece but without making it a corner.


WeMo Light Switch

The WeMo light switch is a great idea for Mom, especially if she lives alone because it lets her turn lights on and off from wherever she is using her smartphone. She can set the light to turn off at sunrise, or turn on at sunset, or if she’s not home she can turn on a light to make it look like someone is home. She can also set the timer to turn the lights on and off anytime she chooses.


Personalized M&Ms

A personalized M&M gift is something Mom will definitely enjoy because you can do lots of things with M&M’s these days that you couldn’t do just 10 years ago. You can now upload a photo and it will be printed onto the candies themselves. On top of that you can choose which colors you want to have in the Gift Set.


Roku 3

Show Mom how to use the Roku 3 and she’ll have all of her favorite media all in one place. This coordinates her Netflix, Pandora, and Amazon Instant Video accounts all in one place and also has plenty of other free channels for her too add and enjoy. Its a way to make her TV smart if she doesn’t already have a smart TV.


Cuisinart 7-Quart Stand Mixers

Blow Mom away with this Cuisinart 7 quart stand mixer and she’ll be smiling about you all year long as she whips up all sorts of culinary creations. This is one of the best stand mixers you can get for Mom, so if her’s needs replacing, or she’s always wanted one but never got one for herself you can be a star this Christmas.


Soup & Sandwich Ceramic Tray Duo

If Mom loves soup and sandwich lunches, you can’t go wrong with this ceramic serving tray that is specially designed for that meal. The great thing about it is it can also be used to serve up cake and ice cream, or a fruit bowl and a sandwich, or any other sort of food that requires both a plate and a bowl.


Ally McBeal: The Complete Series

If Mom loved the old Ally McBeal television series, you can win her over with this complete series box set. It features every single episode from the entire show, as well as commentary from the producers and some of the actors. It’s great for catching up on missed episodes, and reliving the best ones.


Simple Stunning Parties at Home

Does Mom enjoy entertaining at home? You can help her out with this book that shows her how to make amazing parties happen, all within the confines of her home. This is a great gift because it will keep her social, and also means that you will probably get invited to one of her awesome soirees.


Personalized Notepads

These note pads take everyday note taking to a new level, because they feature custom photographs printed right on them. This makes mundane things like making a shopping list or writing a to-do list more enjoyable, and it means that she will be able to use your gift every day.


100% Silk Sleep Mask

If Mom has been saying that she hasn’t been getting good sleep lately, try getting her this 100% silk sleep mask so that she isn’t bothered by any ambient light that is in the room. Or if your dad likes to watch TV and she likes to go to sleep, she can do that now and won’t be bothered by the light.


Energizing Body Spray

This body spray is specifically designed to help energize her body so that she feels great and is ready to greet the day with gusto. It comes in spray form so it’s very easy to apply, unlike a moisturizing cream or other body lotion. This does wonders for the skin’s moisture levels.


Avocado of the Month

Keep Mom topped up on her potassium and healthy fat levels with a monthly delivery of delicious avocados. These are one of the healthiest fruits on the planet, and she will benefit greatly from it regardless of what sort of diet she tends to eat, as they go well with just about any meal.


LoLLIA Foaming Bath

This foaming bath bottle from LoLLIA will transport her to a new plane of existence. It is designed to make plenty of foam, so it’s better to use this than to use shampoo or other soaps that are not specifically designed for making a bubble bath. Don’t be jealous because she now has time to take bubble baths, she gave you your fair share when you were young.


Elvis Platinum Collection

If she is a fan of the King, you can’t do better than getting her this Platinum Collection which features all of the songs that you’ll hear on the oldies station, plus a lot of his obscure songs that don’t get a lot of air time. There are plenty of Elvis songs that didn’t become mainstream hits but are still really great to listen to.


FitBit One

The FitBit One is a device that will track Mom’s activity throughout the day, and will also track her sleeping patterns at night so that she can live the healthiest life possible. It tracks things like how many steps she takes per day and how many stairs she takes, as well as how good she sleeps at night. It helps her find potential areas where she can do better.


Pocket Peepers

This pocket sized reading glass lets her read fine print even though she may have forgotten her reading glasses. It’s the size of a credit card, so it easily fits into a purse or pocket book, and it is very discreet. So if she doesn’t like the fact that she needs reading glasses this is a great gift.


Pocket Stone Gift Set

These stones each have a different reason for why you love your mom, and it is something that she can carry around with her, or she can keep it at home on a nightstand or dresser. They are very smooth and feel good in the hand, so it is something that she can hold onto and be reminded that she is loved.


Beddit Sleep Tracking Device

This is one of the most advanced sleep tracking devices we’ve been able to locate and the reason it’s so good is because she’ll be able to attach it to a sheet instead of having to wear it, so it’s easier to get to sleep. This will help it more accurately read exactly when she is reaching deep states of sleep.


Burt’s Bees Healthy Hands Hand Repair Kit

This hand repair kit by Burt’s Bees is something that Mom is sure to enjoy if her hands have seen better days. This is the way to undo all of the damage that tends to get done to hands during the cold winter months when the air is dry and the winds are cold and harsh.


Parisian Macarons

These macarons are some of the best around and what’s really great about this package is they let you sample so many and you really get a different flavor in each one. If she is a macaron lover then you owe it to her to get her the 60 pack which is basically a sampler of all the best flavors.


Caressing Body Sorbet

You can’t beat this caressing body sorbet in terms of making Mom feel cared for and relieving some of her stress. It is something that needs to be experienced in order to be described, but in essence it is like slathering a creamy delightful lotion on your body, and you can feel that it is helping to repair your skin.


Eli’s Cheesecake

Cater to her sweet tooth with some cheesecake this holiday season and she’s sure to sing your praises. The cheesecakes from Eli’s are award-winning, so you know they’re doing something right. They use a lot of butter in their crusts which is one reason why these taste so rich and delicious. Pick her favorite flavor and get one today.


Chinese Love Symbol Keepsake and Paperweight

This clear lucite piece of art is the Chinese symbol for love. If she doesn’t know this you may have to inform her that’s what it is, but after she knows that the symbol means love, it is a really touching gift that is sure to light up her desk or a table in her home.


Vitamix Blender

The Vitamix blender is one of the best blenders you can buy, and it’s actually the kind that are used in commercial settings like coffee shops and smoothie companies. The great thing about it is you cannot only make blended drinks with it but it can also grind up grains for making bread, and you can even use it to make soup.


Color Photo Printer

Let’s face it, moms still love an actual hard copy of the photos we all share online. This color photo printer lets her print off the photos she deems worthy of a physical copy, without having to run to the pharmacy or other photo printing place in town every time she gets the whim.


Elizabeth Arden Untold

Mom will smell great with this perfume from Elizabeth Arden, and she will likely end up wearing it on a regular basis. If she is the kind that wears perfumes you know that she’s always in search of the next best great scent, and you can help her find it with this amazing selection.


The Rolling Stones Box Set

If Mom is a fan of The Stones then she’ll get a lot of use out of this The Rolling Stones box set. It features all of the radio hits as well as a ton of music that she probably hasn’t even heard before because their repertoire is spread out over so many different albums & B sides and this features several exclusive goodies.


Fitness Gym Bag and Yoga Mat Carrier

This fitness bag comes with a special loop on the outside which is designed to hold Mom’s yoga mat so she’ll have everything she needs for a trip to the gym. If Mom is not really a fitness ball, but has always wanted to try out yoga, it may be a matter of equipping her with the right stuff so she can get started.


JoinMe Chandelier Earrings

These chandelier earrings are absolutely stunning, and are sure to look great on Mom. They are made by a renowned designer and have been created to exacting standards. If it’s been awhile since she has received a pair of earrings don’t be surprised if she cries when she gets these.


Around the World Wine Chest

Take your mom on a trip around the world without making her leave the home. This wine chest comes with a wide assortment of wine and foods hand-picked from around the world so she can have an excursion without having to go anywhere. The nice part is that the foods and wines are paired so they taste great together.


Family Picture Frame

This will remind your mom your entire family because it holds enough pictures for every member. It has spots for 8 different pictures and a nice family writing in the middle slot. It’ll remind her of not only the family but also some of the memories you have shared over the years.


Guerlain Rouge Automatique Long Lasting Lipstick

This lipstick is designed to last for the entire day so when your mom puts this on she’ll be able to look good without having to constantly touch up her lipstick. Most conventional lipstick requires consistent re-application, so it will be nice for her to be able to just put it on once and forget about it.


Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Give mom a gift of hot chocolate, but in a very unique way that’s also portable. This features gourmet chocolate that is on a stick so all she will have to do is add it warm milk, give it a stir, and she’s good to go. It comes in an assortment of 3 different varieties: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and vanilla, so she’ll always have a new taste to enjoy.


Body Rolling Foot Wakers

These rolling foot walkers will help your mom’s leg circulation, as well as any problems has with tension in her feet. It can even help with the way she walks, and any pain she’s experiencing in the foot area.


Daily Nutrition for Skin Face Oil

Mom needs daily nutrition for her face, especially as she ages. The skin is the largest organ on the body, and the skin of the face needs extra care because it gets the most attention and is the first to show signs of aging. This is billed as a nutritional supplement rather than an anti-aging oil.



Chromecast by Google is a way to let Mom watch your her favorite online videos as well as her Netflix videos. It connects to the HDMI port on the back of her HDTV so it’s very easy to setup, and she is sure to enjoy looking at all the family photos on the big screen instead of on her computer screen.


Macy’s Hotel Collection

Bring Mom the best that Macy’s has to offer in their hotel collection. This collection features some of the finest bedding and towels you can buy. And Mom will feel like she’s staying at a 5 star resort. Macy’s is known for their high quality goods, but these items are a cut above the rest of what they have to offer.


Personalized Classic Leather Gloves

These leather gloves look like the kind of gloves they wore in the old movies of the fifties, but with a modern look to them. They are personalized with your mom’s initials, so she’ll really feel special to have these because she’ll know that you went the extra step to have them custom made for her.


Hand Reflexology Massager

This reflexology massager only requires you to insert your hand, and it does the rest. It presses down on your hand on certain pressure points that will help release the fatigue from sitting at the computer for long periods of time typing and clicking the mouse. It’s a way to help Mom relax after a hard day’s work.


Mother Reading to Children Bronze Sculpture

This sculpture features a classic interpretation of a mother sitting on a bench reading to her little ones. No doubt your mother has a memory of this from when you were a child and this is a fantastic way to keep a decorative item nearby so that she is constantly reminded of the great times she had with you.


Tile Tracking Tags

These tile tracking tags help Mom keep track of anything and everything she can think of. Place one in her purse and you’ll be able to get the GPS coordinates so she’ll always know where it is, even if it gets lost or stolen. The tiles last for one year so you only need to replace them annually.


Breville Juice Fountain

Get mom involved in the juicing craze currently going on with this juice fountain. It takes a little bit longer than a traditional juicer but it’s going to provide 30% more juice than you’d get from something that works a little bit faster. It’s able to juice all different types of fruits and vegetables so it will really help her to be as healthy as you can be.


Kindle Paperwhite

Show your mom how great it is to read books on the Amazon Kindle with the latest creation the Kindle Paperwhite. She can put her entire collection of books on one ebook, and read it whatever she wants, even when she’s travelling. It has its own light source so she can read in the dark, or in direct sunlight without a problem.


Nespresso Capsule System

If a regular coffee maker isn’t going to cut it with your mother, make it so she’ll never have to buy a coffee from a coffee shop ever again. Not only will this be good for the coffee she drinks every day, but it’s nice for entertaining company when they come over.


Custom Yoga Mat

Yoga is one of the best exercises your mom can do to stay in shape, retain flexibility and mobility, and center herself through meditation. If she’s already a yoga regular she’ll really appreciate this personalized mat, and if she’s a newbie this may get her to go regularly.


Winware Pie and Cake Marker

This cake divider automatically marks and cuts perfect slices of cake and pie to the exact size that you choose based on how many slices you’re trying to get out of it. It’s great for birthdays and other special occasions where cake is in order!


Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket

This gift basket contains a love that most moms have, so you’ll be giving her a dose of her favorite thing. Just don’t be surprised if she suddenly has more energy than you’ve ever seen her have before. It’s just the sugar kicking in.


Mousse Cake Sampler

Everyone likes a well-made mousse, and this sampler let’s Mom try out several different types of mousse cakes, each with their own distinct characteristics. She’ll surely pick a favorite, but the entire experience will be simply devine. She may be tempted to try to replicate the samples from scratch.


Personalized Soap Set

This soap set has initials right in it, so it makes a very classy soap to put in the bathroom for when guests are visiting. If Mom has knack for decorating and likes things to look their best she’ll really like this soap set as it gives the bathroom a much needed sense of personalization and refinement.


Paper Shredder

In our modern age of identity theft it’s more important than ever to make sure that sensitive data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Be sure that Mom is shredding things like her bank statements and other personal information instead of just throwing it in the trash.


Canary Home Security Device

The Canary home security device is supposed to give you a set of eyes and ears on your home when you’re not there. You can tap into its live feed and see what’s happening in your home no matter where you are with the free app. You can also get alerts when it detects movements or hears a loud noise and even extreme temperature changes.


Perfect Portions Digital Scale

Help mom eat just the right amount of foods with this impressive digital scale. It has a few thousand of the most common foods already programmed into it, and allows you to enter in dozens more. As you add food to it, it automatically recalculates the Nutrition Information label so you can see what you’re really eating.


QOOQ Tablet

This tablet is designed specifically for the kitchen, and features hundreds of recipes in full detail with colorful images to guide the cooking process along. It’s like having a professional chef working right alongside you while you put together some fabulous dishes. It’s also made for the kitchen and able to withstand more than a regular tablet.



Give Mom the gift of sweet this Christmas with any choice from Sugarwish . Basically what you do is get a gift card that is sent digitally to Mom, she picks out the candy that she loves, and they deliver it right to her door. They have such a large assortment of candies she’s sure to find something that she loves.


Mother and Daughter Necklaces

Show Mom that she’s more than just your mother, she’s also your friend. These necklaces have very simple designs, but very powerful messages. The messages are engraved right into them, and you can wear them all year long which makes them great keepsakes.


Winter Wonderland Stockings

This collection of stockings features your family’s names embroidered right into them. The stockings themselves are made of high-quality materials, and feature cute designs of snowmen, a penguin, reindeer and of course Santa Claus. You can get one for each member of the family to make it a complete set.


HD Webcam

Keep in touch with your mother more this year by getting her an HD webcam for use with programs such as Skype and Gmail. This HD webcam from Logitech features a crisp clear picture so that she shows up looking great on your end. It is very easy to set up, and you’ll be having a video chat in no time.


Bathtub Caddy

This bathtub caddy let’s mom totally relax in the bath without worrying about dropping anything into it. It can hold a glass of wine, a bar of soap, and even features a book holder so she can read a book without getting the pages wet. It helps her create her own private spa experience without leaving the home.


Home is Where Mom is Pillow

They say that home is where you hang your hat, but this pillow begs to differ. It points out that home is where your mom is, and is sure to be a very meaningful and thoughtful gift for her. All moms want to know that you feel at home when you’re around them, and this delivers that message clearly.


Initial Pendant Necklace

Put Mom’s initial on this necklace and you’ve got a personal gift that shows you care, and helps her look fashionable throughout the holiday season and beyond. The necklace features an elegant initial written in cursive, without too much else to draw the eye away from the initial.


Digital Photo Frame

Help Mom realize that she doesn’t really need a bunch of photo frames all around the house, because today we have digital photo frames that can display multiple pictures with just one frame. You may have to show her how to set it up, especially if she’s not very technologically inclined, but when she sees that she can have a rotating frame of many pictures she’ll be sold.


Mom’s Garden Stake

If your mother is into gardening then this is one of the best gifts that you can give her. It features a flower print with “Mom’s Garden” engraved into it and it is a great way to decorate her garden. She may not get much use out of it throughout the winter, but as soon as the weather improves and she’s out in the garden more she’ll definitely love it.


100% Cashmere Throw

Keep mom warm all winter long with this 100% cashmere throw. It’s super soft and luxurious, and it is big enough so that she has plenty of fabric to go around. Its nice to spoil Mom once in awhile with a high quality item like this, and there will surely be times where she feels a chill, wraps up in this, and thinks of you.


Voice-Controlled Coffee Maker

If Mom needs her coffee fix to function she might not have the motor skills necessary to get the coffee maker going first thing in the morning. This coffee maker is equipped with a voice recognition system so that she can give it commands, and it will start brewing for her automatically. If she drinks coffee every morning, this is a fantastic gift.


Thank You Mom Music Box

This music box features a thoughtful thank you message on the top of it so you can let Mom know how much you appreciate her. Music boxes always go over well with moms, and this one is especially beautiful not only with the message it says, but also with the design it has.


Peek A Boo Bookends

These peekaboo bookends will surely remind Mom about the times when you would play hide and seek, either with a sibling, or with her. It is a very whimsical set of bookends, and they are not only functional but also made out of quality materials so that she’ll have these for years and they’ll look great on the shelf.


Women’s Tote Bag

This tote bag will help Mom take all of her things around in style. It is larger than a typical purse, so it can hold more, but not as big as some tote bags so it won’t be as bulky and hard to carry. Not only that but it is very stylish, and very well made, so it’s something that she can get a lot of use out of, and think of you every time she does.


Custom Photo Visa Gift Card

Usually giving someone a gift card is kind of an impersonal gift, but this customized photo Visa gift card is one that shows you put some thought into it. You upload a photo that mom will love and that becomes the design for the card. Also, since it’s a Visa gift card, she can use it wherever she wants since it is not limited to one particular store.


Nest Smart Thermostat

The Nest thermostat replaces Mom’s current thermostat and takes it into the 21st century. She can check in with her smartphone to turn the temperature up or down, as well as see what sort of usage statistics she’s been getting. You may have to set it up for her, but once you show her how the main features work she should have no trouble maintaining it on her own.


Personalized Family Name Platter

This name platter is customized to your own family. You tell them the name of your family and they’ll design the platter accordingly. It has a Thanksgiving theme that makes it perfect for the holiday turkey or anything else you wish to cook up.


Mama Queen Coffee Mug

These mugs let Mom show off just how fabulous she really is. If she tends to be a bit of a diva, she will love this mug. It has a “Queen of everything” print that’ll let everyone know she’s the queen of the entire family. This would be a great gift for the confident mom that likes to strut her stuff and knows who the boss is.


Moms Bar and Grill Deco Clock

If Mom likes to cook, and you like to eat, this is a great clock for her kitchen. It basically looks like the kind of clock you’d see in a 50’s era diner, but instead of a diner’s name, you’ll see Mom’s instead. If she has a kitchen decor that goes with the Art Deco style of this clock, she will most likely love this.


iPad Mini 2

The iPad Mini 2 has just been released by Apple, and is similar to the first generation iPad Mini, but has a screen with a higher resolution and some other enhancements. Basically this is the best mini tablet on the market right now, and if you load it up with the right apps, it should give your mother hours of enjoyment and help her stay connected with the family.


Custom Baby Name Ring

This is a great gift for new and old moms alike. You can get rings with the names of her children on it, and there’s no limit to how many rings you can get, she can wear them all on the same finger, right next to each other. Moms love their babies more than anything, so it pretty much guaranteed that she’ll think this is great.


Pop Art Canvas

This is a fast and easy way to make a personalized gift, without doing too much work. You just upload a picture that mom will love, and they transform it into something that looks like Andy Warhol painted it. What they’ll do is take that same image, duplicate it four times, but change up the colors scheme on each one so it looks artistic.


Take It Easy Bath Salts

Give Mom a gift of a relaxing bath with these bath salts. She’ll be able to totally forget about the world around her when she is submerged in a soothing bath made with the special salts. It’s loaded with organic ingredients, and features essential oils so she’ll also be getting an aromatherapy treat.


Family Tree Maker Platinum

If Mom is into genealogy, she will love this family tree creator software by one of the leading genealogy websites on the planet, Ancestry.com. It will walk her through the process of finding out where the family comes from, and tracing back the steps of ancestors through the years. Just be prepared for her to talk to you about where you come from.


iDevices Kitchen Thermometer

The iDevices meat thermometer is a smart gift for any mom that loves to cook. It lets her get really specific about the temperature of the meat, and attaches to her smartphone, giving her very accurate data about the meal she is cooking and whether it is done or not.


Personalized Heart Trinket Box

This trinket box is made out of metal and has a velvety lining and is personalized with your mom’s name on it so she will be totally blown away that you went to the trouble of personalizing a gift. It can feature a very heartfelt message from you as well, and it’s shine gives it a certain look that makes it seem very permanent.


Sterling Silver Key Pendant

Every mom would love to get a pendant like this for Christmas. This pendant necklace features an old fashioned styled key created from different designs and even has little hearts styled into it. It will totally be worth it when you see the look on Mom’s face and see that she’s wearing it every chance she gets.


Luxurious Shampoo and Conditioner

This is one of the highest rated shampoo and conditioner sets we’ve been able to find, and it’s sure to give your mother a luxurious experience each time she takes a shower. It is a way of pampering Mom on a regular basis, and is perhaps more thoughtful than getting her a one-time spa gift, since she can enjoy this again and again.


Dyson Fan Heater

Dyson is known for their amazing vacuums, but here they are offering a heated fan, but without any blades like with a typical fan. They’re basically using their Air Mover technology to circulate the air, and at the same time they are adding heat to the equation so you’re going to get heat pushed through the room but without any buffeting like you get from box fans and oscillating fans.


Mom Prayer Wall Art

This wall art frame contains a prayer that’ll always remind your mother how important she is to you. It is handmade with a matte finish and will fit in nicely with other modern art designs. Your mom will feel loved every time she looks at this prayer!


What I Love About Mom Journal

Sometimes it’s easier to say what you need to say by writing it down. This journal is perfect for doing just that. It has blanks that you can fill in to let your mother know just how you feel which makes it great for any family. This will be her new favorite book!


Throw Pillow Cases For Mom

Everybody has throw pillows somewhere in their home. These square covers serve a double purpose by keeping those pillows protected and clean while reminding your mother of you every time she see’s them. They’ll add a heartfelt message to any old throw pillow!


Family Tree Picture Frame Hanger

Every family has lots of pictures and frames but this frame holder tops them all. It’s a tree shaped holder that comes with 6 picture frames but holds as many pictures as you can fit on it which makes it great for any sized family!


SkyeArt Clay Pears

Moms love having little love notes planted all throughout the house, especially from their own family. This pear set is handmade from clay and can be placed virtually anywhere in your home. They’re painted, cute, and completely non-toxic making them a must have for all mothers!


World’s Greatest Mom Parking Only Sign

Everyone has their own parking spot at home and this sign is perfect for mom’s! It’s a durable sign that’ll hold up in any weather conditions and has predrilled holes that make it easy to put anywhere. Your mom will love her favorite parking spot even more when you set up this sign!


Viki Lynn Pearl Jewelry Set

If your mom loves pearls then this jewelry set is perfect for her! It includes a necklace, a bracelet, and a set of earrings that are all created with AAA quality natural freshwater cultured pearls. The clasps are made from sterling silver and everything comes in a luxurious PU leather gift box!


Infinity Bracelet for Moms

Does your mom love wearing bracelets and accessories? This infinity bracelet is perfect for all mothers; it has a big “MOM” print on the front that’ll let everyone know who this gift came from. Your mom will never want to take this bracelet off!


The Mom Box Sign

Let your mom be reminded of how much you love and appreciate her every time she enters the room with this box sign! It has a stylish design and a rugged look that shows that it’ll last forever. Perfect for either a flat surface or for a nice new wall art piece!


Hershey’s Ice Cream Machine

Everyone loves ice cream, but what makes it even better is customizing it and adding in your own flavors. This ice cream machine by Hershey’s has dual single serve freezing mugs allowing you to make 2 different flavors at the same time. Your mom will be able to add her favorite candies and syrups and make her ice cream just the way she likes!


Cutting Board for Mothers

If your mom does lots of cooking then she’ll definitely need a good cutting board. This cutting board includes the “Recipe for a Special Mom” which makes it so unique and loving. It’s also made from bamboo so you know it’ll last long and survive whatever she’s making!


Scented Gift Candle

Scented candles are great because they last long and smell great. These candles are particularly awesome because they include a label that is targeted for moms. They also come in various scents including lavender, cinnamon, vanilla, and cool cotton making them suitable for any mother!


Number 1 Mom Tabletop Gift

Remind your mom (and everyone else) that she’s number 1 every time she sits down for dinner with this incredible tabletop gift! It’s made from clear acrylic and has laser etched lettering. It’ll stand up on the table or anywhere else she wants to put it making it perfect for any home!


Best Mom Ever Mug

This gift is perfect for the mothers who love hot drinks. It’s a nice big mug with a large handle with a “best. mom. ever.” print that’ll remind her of you every time she takes a sip of her favorite beverage. Your mom will never want or need another mug when you get her this gift!


Leather Key Chain For Moms

If your mom has lots of keys or just likes having little key chains then this is the perfect gift for her! It’s made from leather so it is durable yet light and easily fits into pouches and pockets. The laser engraved design will never fade away or fall off making it perfect for whatever your mom may be using keys for!


20 DIY Christmas Gifts for Mom

Handcrafted Apron

Give mom this lovely handmade apron and she’ll surely wear it all the time in the kitchen. It let’s everyone know that the number one ingredient she’s putting into your meals is love. Moms think it’s great when they get handmade items.

Stamped Washer Necklace

This is a faux stamped washer necklace that’s not made out of metal and doesn’t require any metal stamping. Vinyl letters go over the metal washer giving it the same look, and making it easier to do than having to stamp it.

Custom Soap

Mom will think this soap is great because you can write her name right into it. Any gift that helps her feel more pampered and loved is a winner. This can be used as a stocking stuffer, or as an add-on gift to one of the gifts above.

Painted Arrow Artwork

Here’s a beautiful piece of artwork you can make for your mom and she’ll think you’re a regular Picasso. She walks you through each step, showing you how to make it look just like the picture even if you’re not much of a painter.

DIY Vanity Tray

This vanity tray makes a great Christmas gift for mom and helps her to keep all of her items in one place and ready to use. To make it even better you could get some of her favorite things and present them on the tray.

Wooden Silhouette Art

Mom will cherish this wooden silhouette art because it’s silhouettes of her favorite people in the world. This is a nice piece because you can customize it to the number of kids she has, and make sure that everyone gets represented.

Etched Wooden Spoons

Take simple wooden kitchen utensils and make them pop by etching designs onto them. Moms that love to cook and spend time in the kitchen will get a lot of use out of them, and think of you when they’re using them.

Lavender Mint Balm

Keep mom’s lips nice and soft and supple with this lavender lip balm. It’s made using natural ingredients and you can decorate the tin so it looks great when you give it to her. Makes a nice stocking stuffer.

No-Sew Decorative Hand Towels

These hand towels look great and can really brighten up the kitchen and serve a useful purpose. You don’t have to be super craftsy in order to get this project done, and there are other designs on the same page in case you want to make different ones.

Lucky Stars Notebook

Here’s a nice notebook to give to mom so she can record her thoughts, recipes, or funny things that her kids do. It is remarkable how you can turn an ordinary item like a notebook into something she’ll treasure just by decorating it.

Custom Artwork

A piece of artwork makes a great gift for mom because it hangs on the wall, up and out of the way so it won’t clutter up the home. This piece of art features succulents and says “Stay Sharp” on it, but you can customize it as you see fit.

Modern Coasters

These coasters will be a welcome addition, and are a great idea for a mom that’s always reminding people to use a coaster. They are inspired by the Kate Spade collection, but you can make them for a fraction of the price.

DIY Mason Jar Sewing Kit

This is the perfect gift for moms who like to sew that you can make using a few simple household items. You can customize them however you’d like and add whatever your mom will need into them which makes them perfect and a must have for any sewing mother!

Painted Tin Cans

Every mom needs someplace for storing loose items which is where these tins come in very handy! They can be custom decorated and personalized however you’d like so you can make it perfect for your mother. If you have bigger tins they also make great flower vases!

DIY Marbled Mugs

Your mom will love drinking her favorite drink even more out of a mug that was made by her own child! These mugs are styled using nail polish that gives them a unique marbled look. It’s a very inexpensive and easy way to create a stunning gift that any mother will love!

DIY Mini Pallet Coasters

If you created the project above then this is a very fitting addition. These coasters are in the shape of a mini pallet and will keep her mug from touching the surface of wherever she puts it. The ones in this tutorial are made using wash tape but you can use anything that’ll give them that stylish look perfect for any mom!

DIY Glass Bottle and Wood Vase

Create the most unique vase for your mom with this tutorial and a few woodworking skills and equipment! It makes a vase that can hold many flowers that she’ll definitely love. It also includes printable plans so you can follow along with ease and make sure every cut is perfect!

Homemade Lavender Milk Bath

Does your mom like to take baths? If so then this lavender milk bath gift is perfect for her! It contains a mix of ingredients that makes the bath very soothing and healthy for her skin. You can also use any scent you’d like, not just lavender which makes it ideal for any mother who enjoys baths!

Floral Herbal Tea

Is your mom a tea drinker? There are so many different types of teas out there and this tutorial allows you to create your very own. All of the different spices used can be found either at home or at your local spice store. You can also use all sorts of different spices and experiment making your own custom teas!

DIY Wine Cork Vases

Give your mom the coolest vase around by creating this one from a glass jar and a bunch of corks! The corks give this vase a woody look and make it perfect for any wine loving mother. Your mom will never need another vase when you craft this one for her!

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