100 Most Unique Christmas Gifts of 2016 for Men


Finding a gift that’s truly unique can be a challenge, especially around this time of year when the stakes are high and everyone else is clamouring for that perfect original gift as well. Here are 100 picks that are sure to put a smile on his face and make him act like a little boy on Christmas morning.

100 Best Christmas Gifts for Men of 2016- this is a great list with unique gift ideas for men.

1. Family Photobook

Even though they may not openly admit it, guys like a good photo book too, especially if they’re featured heavily in it. Today’s photo books appeal to guys because they come bound in nice presentation and look real professional. Tip: make it of a fun family trip or a trip that just the two of you took.


2. Mr. Beer Brewing Kits

If your favorite guy is into beer on any level, he’ll enjoy one of these brewing kits by Mr. Beer. They’re so paint-by-number that they’re hard to screw up, and what you end up with is a tasty beverage you made on your own. A thoughtful gift that keeps on giving.


3. Perfect Shave Kit

Old school shaving methods are still considered the best, and that means you’re going to need a brush to lather up your face pre-shave. This kit has everything you need to give yourself the perfect shave as often as you’d like. This doesn’t include a razor, just the lotions and creams used in the shaving process.


4. Sony 84 inch 4K TV

If you want to have the best TV on the block, this is sure to do the trick. While others might be spending this amount on a new car, you’ll trump them by investing in a television. It uses the new 4K technology, which Sony hopes will replace HD at some point, as it’s far superior.


5. FitBit Charge Wristband

These wristbands track just about everything you do during the day, and even while you’re sleeping. They then tally up all of your numbers for how active you were for the day, and how well you slept, and display it all on your computer or smartphone. A great gift that can help the man in your life stay or get fit.


6. Cordless Snow Blower

Cut the cord this winter with a snowblower that operates on battery power. Even though it’s not corded it still supplies enough power to get the job done. As a big bonus it’s not going to emit a bunch of ozone-killing exhaust like a conventional snowblower.


7. Drive a Stock Car

Any guy that’s a fan of any form of racing would enjoy the chance to race around the track in a real stock car. It’s something that can only be experienced in a safe environment and under supervision, since most guys aren’t professional drivers and will need to figure out how to handle the car.


8. Bacon Tie

Ties usually get an eye roll from guys because they’re so cliche as a gift. But this is a tie that breaks with the norm and features a rendition of uncooked bacon strips as the actual tie. It might make him hungry to wear it, but if he’s a bacon fan he’ll think it’s great, or maybe just enjoy the gag..


9. Kegerator

Few things show more commitment to beer than a kegerator. It immediately adds serious credibility to any bar, being able to pour perfect pints of your favorite pilsner. These kegerators keep the beer nice and cold and feature high-quality parts so you can rely on it to work as advertised.


10. Framed Share of Stock

Investing in stocks might not be too exciting, but having a share of stock nicely framed is something that can pay dividends, and also looks good on the wall. They have some companies that guys are sure to like, including Harley Davidson, Ford, John Deere, and even a casino.

Prices Vary

11. “Call Me” Gloves

These gloves allow you to make and take calls without having to expose your hand to the elements. They have a speaker in the thumb, and a microphone in the pinky so all you have to do is put your hand in the universal “call me” position and you’re good to go.


12. BioLite KettlePot

This little guy can make it so you only have to bring one piece of cookware into the woods with you. That’s because it does double duty as a kettle and a pot. This means you can use the same item to brew tea or coffee in the morning, and then use it the rest of the day to cook meals.


13. Wireless Golf Swing Analyzer

Take your golf game to the next level with this wireless swing analyzer. You attach it to your club, take your swings like normal, and then see the results on your smartphone with a special app. You’ll be able to visually see where your shortcomings are so you can make the necessary adjustments.


14. Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven

Cooking outdoors on the grill is nice, but not if you want a pizza. This outdoor pizza oven lets you bake a pizza just right, and is great for the summer months when you really don’t want to turn the oven on. Bake your pizza outside and then enjoy it outside for a special treat.


15. RZR XP 1000 EPS White Lightning

If you want to have the most fun you’ve ever had, this is the thing for you. It allows you to take on pretty much any terrain as fast as you can handle it. You can even roll over in it and be alright, thanks to the protective rollbar.


16. The HandleBand

This is a great way to take your phone with you while you’re biking. It allows you to have easy access to your phone, and is great for using GPS while you’re riding. The way it’s attached makes it safe and secure, even when going over bumps so you don’t have to worry about your phone falling off.


17. Fogless Shower Mirror

The best place to shave is in the shower, since the steam helps to soften the skin, and it’s far easier to rinse your face when you’re done. But a regular mirror isn’t practical because that same steam will fog it up, rendering it useless or at least a nuisance. This fogless mirror solves all of that.


18. BBQ Tool Belt

This belt has it all when it comes to cooking up the best barbecue. It has spaces for all of the essentials, including a spot for a spatula, tongs, and even your smartphone. It’s designed to keep you protected too, so you don’t end up with a mess all over your pants.


19. Triad Underworld 2 Drift Trike Ride On

Why give up riding a Big Wheel just because you’ve outgrown them? This trike makes it so you can relive the glory days of cruising down the sidewalks. It may not be the most practical of bikes, but it gets points for possibly being the most fun.


20. Learn to Survive with Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls is famous for his survival tactics and he’s set up a way to learn from him directly. This training program takes places over a series of days and puts you out in the wilderness so you can direct teaching right from the master.You’ll never feel out of your element again.


21. Fighter Pilot for a Day

Any guy that has seen Top Gun would jump at the chance to take a seat in the cockpit and feel what it’s like to rocket through the sky. There are only a few limitations, so be sure to check them out if you’re gifting this. With this experience you get to fly the plane and chase bogeys in a simulated dogfight. Awesome!


22. Harley Davidson Tour

Hop onto a Harley and go see the sights! These unforgettable trips supply the hogs so they’re a great way to take a motorcycle tour if you don’t own a motorcycle, but want to have the benefits of owning one. There are plenty of destinations available so you can customize this to your liking.


23. Pac Man Arcade Machine

If Pac Man ate all of your quarters growing up you’ll appreciate the revenge you get by having it in your home and playing it whenever you want. This game has multiple versions, allowing you to play more than one type of Pac Man including Mrs. Pac Man.


24. 19 Setting Beard Trimmer

If you want your beard looking top-notch, the number of settings becomes important. With this trimmer you can set the length of your beard so that all of your facial hair is the exact length that you want it, and it all looks uniform and dapper. Typically you might see a beard trimmer with 5 or 6 settings, so this is pretty extreme.


25. NFL Meat Brander

What better way to show your fandom than to brand your beef with your favorite team’s logo? This is great for football parties of course, or you can simply use it for family burger night to prove your dedication and establish your family’s favorite team.


26. Zero Gravity Chair with Massaging Ottoman

You don’t know comfort until you’ve sat in a zero gravity chair, and they’ve upped the ante by adding a massaging ottoman to this offering. It totally takes the pressure off of your back and other areas, while making your legs feel absolutely amazing.


27. GoPro HERO3

This makes a great gift for the man that likes to live life on the edge. It’s designed to take pictures of the rough and rugged adventures, or the daredevil feats without getting damaged. It can help you be an even bigger part in his life as you can relive all of the antics he gets into.


28. Classic Leather Bound Journal

These journals resemble something that Mark Twain or Benjamin Franklin might have written in, and it captures that special feeling of writing something important. If you’ve grown accustomed to typing notes in the computer or into your phone, try these for a more cerebral experience.


29. Christmas Story 20″ Lamp

One of the best scenes from The Christmas Story is when the dad gets the lamp, and the wife subsequently breaks it while “cleaning”. Here’s a great holiday decoration that will conjure up memories of the movie, while allowing your dad to receive a “major award”.


30. Bonsai Tree

Harness the Mr. Miyagi that lives within you and tend to your very own bonsai tree. Not only are these great for meditating while pruning, but they also look great indoors and add an Asian simplicity to your decor. Chances are he’s never received a bonsai tree as a gift, so this is definitely a unique item that will register as a great gift.


31. Song Of Ice and Fire Hardcover Box Set

The Game of Thrones series is a big hit on HBO and if you want to get to its origins that will involve reading the Song of Ice and Fire books by George R.R. Martin. He’s actually directly involved with the series, which is possibly one reason why it’s such an accurate adaptation, but as we all know it’s never as good as the book.


32. Victorinox Swiss Army Hunter XT Knife

This is from the company that brought you the original Swiss army knife. It’s been revamped with some extra styling and a little rearranging of the parts, and re-formatted for hunting use as well. It’s something every man needs, even if he doesn’t know it yet.


33. True Clean Towel

This towel was created so that you can make heads or tails out of which end you used to dry off which end. This prevents you from accidentally drying your face off with the same part of the towel that you dried off your nether regions with. A handy reference so that you can get the most use out of your towels between washings.


34. Zippo Hand Warmer

Zippo is famous for their classic lighters, but have branched off and are making a hand warmer now. It gets pretty good reviews and is likely something the man in your life doesn’t have yet, but would likely appreciate. It’s supposed to stay warm for several hours, giving relief during arctic times.


35. Whistle Creek Survival Kit

This survival kit has everything packed into a sardine can, making it very portable and containing odds and ends that you may need in a survival situation. A thoughtful purchase for a man that tends to get himself into some sticky situations while outdoors.


36. Now I Know Book

For those guys out there that aren’t exactly know-it-alls, or for those know-it-alls that take pride in knowing it all, this book can help. It’s filled with interesting facts and the stories behind those facts so they can really talk your ear off after reading these.


37. 53-Piece Household Tool Kit

This gift will be a subtle hint that you can give your handyman, or handyman wannabe. It really does provide all that’s needed to take care of most tasks in the home. As a bonus he’ll never be able to say he doesn’t have the right tools to get the job done.


38. GEAR Seat Covers

These seat covers make it so you’ll never be wanting for a place to put something in your car. They’re great for long road trips, or safaris through the woods, or for day-to-day storage of items in your car to keep your car clean. No matter what you use them for, he’ll appreciate the new rugged look.


39. One-Handed Bottle Opener

This is one of the more innovative bottle openers we’ve discovered, as it lets him open his beer with just one hand thanks to its clever design. The novelty alone makes this a good gift, especially if he likes a beer or two while watching the big game.


40. Ultimate Gym Bag

Encourage your man to hit the gym more often with his new stylish gym bag. They say it’s the ultimate because of the material it’s made out of, and the way it functions. It could be just the thing to get him to go. And if he already goes as a habit he’ll definitely appreciate this.


41. Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

Whisky stones enjoyed their moment in the sun, but now they have to make way for a new breed of better ice cube. These stainless steel cubes insure that the drink won’t become watered down, but will still stay icy cold.


42. Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver

This screw driver isn’t screwing around. This is a serious tool that can get the job done faster than you ever thought possible. It comes from a respected tool company, and it gets great reviews from actual users, so you know you’re getting a quality gift here.


43. Where Chefs Eat

If your man is a foodie this is the book to get. It pulls back the curtain on where chefs go when they’re hungry, so you can follow in their footsteps and eat at places that get the seal of approval. Why trust where your friends go when you can follow the advice of actual chefs?


44. SOL Origin Survival Tool

This little tool is packed with some impressive features, and although it fits in the palm of your hand, there is so much going on it really has you covered. This is a handy tool to have in the car in case of emergencies, or to take with you into the wilderness for total preparedness.


45. Learn to Fly

If you know that your man has always wanted to fly, but hasn’t had a chance to, this is a gift that he’ll remember for the rest of his life. It’s also a good way to let him figure out if he likes it or not. Lots of times a guy will say he wants to do something, until he actually tries it, so this will help him make that choice.


46. The Original Baconkit

This bacon kit makes it so you can cure your own bacon. You’ll still have to provide the actual meat, but everything else you’ll need is included in the kit. The result is you’re control the curing process and can also pick out some quality cuts of meat for a bacon experience you probably haven’t had before.


47. The iFlask

This flask lets you fly under the radar, and is one of the most discrete flasks we’ve seen. By all accounts it looks like an iPhone or smartphone, but with a flip of the top it becomes clear that it’s filled with your favorite beverage for a quiet midday sip.


48. Guy Gourmet Recipe Book

This recipe book is geared towards the palates of today’s man, and includes how-tos on some tasty entrees and appetizers that are sure to get him cooking. At the very least he’ll hand it back to you and ask you to make him something from it, so be prepared.


49. Mo’s Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix

Few items can make a man’s mouth water quicker than bacon. If he enjoys a weekly pancake breakfast this may be a way to upgrade things and make it bacony as well. Since bacon is a popular side item to pancakes, and tastes great with maple syrup on it, it only makes sense to combine them.


50. Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce

Make his taste buds feel like a zombie’s when you get him this hot sauce gift set. This is a tasty sauce set that will push the boundaries on how hot a hot sauce should be. If he loves the heat he’s sure to love trying out all four different sauces.


51. MeUndies Subscription

If your man tends to wear his undies until they’re well past their prime, here’s a way to make sure the stay well-stocked, and you can quietly usher out the old ones as the new ones roll in. One of the most unique monthly subscription services we’ve seen.


52. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

This is a straw that filters water as you suck it up, so you can basically get a drink from any water source when you’re out in the wild. It can be used as a survival tool, or as a way to reduce the amount you have to carry into the woods if you know you can drink from rivers and streams.


53. Marvel Cinematic Universe: Avengers Box Set

The Avengers saga is definitely epic, and they’re just getting started. The movies will continue on with a rotation between Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, with additional Avengers sequels and more. This box set represents Phase One and has an awesome light up Tesseract right from the movie.


54. Monopoly: The Godfather Edition

This is one of those hybrid products that combines two loves, and is a no-brainer for a guy that likes both Monopoly and The Godfather. This makes a great gift for a guy that you are having trouble pegging, because most guys like either one or the other, and many guys will like both.


55. FlyGrip

This handy grip allows you to securely grab your iPhone and not worry about it slipping out of your hands. Contrary to popular belief, it is not freak accidents that cause most cellphone breakages, it’s a poor grip on the phone itself and it just slips out of the hand. Prevent that with this specially designed grip.


56. Earth-Shaped Fire Pit

This fire pit is sure to start some conversations at your next outdoor gathering. It’s forged out of steel and is a replica of the Earth. When you consider that the inside of the earth is molten magma, it’s actually very appropriate when you see this lit up and burning.


57. Roku 3 with Sound Search

If your man likes to be the master of the remote, give him more to master with the Roku 3. This little unit connects all of your different services and allows you to control them all from one screen. Hook your Netflix, Pandora, and Hulu accounts up to it and search all of them at one time.


58. Star Wars Flash Drives

These Star Wars flash drives are as functionally cute as it gets. While many guys might shy away from a product that looks “cute” when it comes to Star Wars items they’re willing to make an exception. Boba Fett is still awesome no matter if he’s in cartoon form and a flash drive at the same time.


59. Harman Kardon Soundsticks III

This well-designed sound system from Harmon Kardon is bound to turn some heads. It is made out of a clear material so you can see the inner workings of the speakers, and it’s slim stick shape makes it easy to put these where you want them.


60. Ultimate Poker Chip Set

When it comes time for poker night you’ll be glad you have this set of chips on hand. Your friends will be impressed at the look and feel, since they’re weighted and feel like the real thing. It might not make you a better poker player, but you’ll feel cooler while playing.


61. Hofbrauhaus Munchen Authentic Beer Stein

This isn’t an exact replica of the steins you raise at Oktoberfest, it’s the real deal. This will let you get as close to you can to the experience without having to book a flight to Munich in late September. Bonus: you get to fill it with whatever beer you like.


62. Playstation 4

You may be thinking that a video game system is not the most unique thing in the world to give someone. But it’s not the system that makes it unique, it’s what you package it with. This is where your knowledge of your man comes into play, as you can bundle it with the controllers and games that you know he’ll like.


63. Breaking Bad: The Complete Series

If your guy was swept up in the Breaking Bad hoopla then he’ll surely be craving more even after the finale, and this is the only thing that can provide relief. It includes commentary on each episode, and comes in some very original packaging. Tight, tight, tight!


64. Cassette to MP3 Converter

Here’s a great gift for the man that still has his music collection on cassettes. It’s a way to get him up to speed for the 21st century, and to preserve his tunes for the next several decades in digital format. Still no solution for 8-tracks and vinyl records, but surely they’re working on it.


65. Concrete Pool Table

There’s perhaps nothing more unique than a pool table made from concrete. These aren’t mere cinder blocks either, this table has a smooth finish and you’ll be surprised it’s made from concrete. Just make sure you are quite certain of the room you want it in, as you won’t want to move it once it’s in place.


66. Quadcopter with Camera

Get a bird’s eye view no matter where you are with this quadcopter camera drone. It flies high in the sky and takes pictures of what it sees so you can get a view like no other camera out there. It’s a great starter drone for someone that doesn’t have one.


67. Checkpoint Friendly Backpack

Recently there have been a slew of checkpoint-friendly bags and luggage that allow you to simply open your bag without taking your laptop out. This backpack adheres to all of the regulations set forth by the TSA so he’ll be able to get through security that much quicker.


68. Cards Against Humanity

This card game is similar to the popular Apples to Apples game, but the words it has are a little off-colored, and this is definitely not for everyone. But if your guy has a twisted sense of humor and you like to join in with it then this game can provide hours of entertainment and is peer tested and approved.


69. Margaritaville Frozen-Concoction Maker

Ever wish you could make frozen drinks just like the kind you get at bars and restaurants? This will enable you to make them as you see fit, in your favorite flavors and with the alcohol you prefer. The machine is dedicated to making frozen slushy drinks so they come out just right.


70. Wireless Mobile Drive

Why go wireless when it comes to your data and files? It makes it really easy to hook up multiple devices all to one main source. It’s great for data sharing as well as backing up your most important files. It’s like having your own private cloud.


71. Bose QuietComfort 20i

These earbuds mimic the same noise-canceling quality that made the original Bose headset so popular. The beauty is that because they’re in-ear you can go pretty much anywhere with them and still get the noise-canceling benefit. There’s also a button that allows you to let some noise in while still hearing your music.


72. Hot Dog Toaster

This hot dog toaster gets everything you need ready at the same time. The hot dogs get cooked and the buns get toasted, all finishing simultaneously so when it dings you’re all set to go. A great kitchen gadget he’ll be more likely to use.


73. Aston Martin Vanquish

Quite possibly one of the more stylish and impressive Aston Martins, which is definitely saying something. There’s likely not going to be another Vanquish on your block, or even your zip code, making this one of the most unique gifts you can get for him.


74. Dexter: The Complete Series

The packaging on this box set is simply ridiculous, and if your man is a Dexter fan he’s going to be blown away by this. It also makes a great gift for someone that isn’t into Dexter but likes such TV shows as Six Feet Under, Breaking Bad, or Nip Tuck.


75. Red Crazy Cooler

Never lug a cooler again with this powered cooler that can go where you go. This allows you to load it up with as much food or beverages that you want, without worrying about how heavy it’s going to be.


76. T-Shirt Subscription

Busted Tees have some of the more original and funny shirts out there, and their subscription service means your man will be decked out in a hilarious tee. This is something that you can cancel anytime, but since you’re in charge of which shirt they send it’s unlikely that he’ll want to stop.


77. Double Hammock

Cozy up in this double hammock that comes with its own stand so you can use it just about anywhere you’d want to. Is there anything as comfy as a hammock when you’re in need of a good sit? If there is, we haven’t found it.


78. Ticket Stub Diary

Help your favorite guy keep track of all the events he goes to with this handy ticket stub diary. It’s basically a form of scrapbooking, but one that he’ll be able to get into since it revolves around sporting events, concerts, movies, and other things guys like.


79. Personalized Photo Rubik’s Cube

This is a puzzle he’ll love to put together because it will be filled with photos that he loves.This makes it trickier than a traditional Rubik’s cube because it doesn’t have the solid colors, but instead has broken up pictures, which can be more confusing.


80. Travel Destination Map

This is a creative take on the traditional world map, because it comes with pins that show where you’ve been, where you want to go, and where your favorite place is. It’s also personalized with your own custom message so you can make it appear how you want it to.


81. Picnic in a Backpack

Here’s a backpack that ensures you’ll have everything you need when you go for a picnic. No more guesswork wondering what you need before heading out, just be sure to pack up the food and the rest of your accessories are taken care of.


82. Personalized Collapsible Party Cooler

This party cooler sets you up so that you can keep a lot of bottles and cans cold for the party, and fold it all up when the party is over. It’s emblazoned with your name on it so there’s never any argument over whose it is, and it easily stores away for the next party.


83. The Dark Knight Trilogy on Blu-ray

It may have been over a year since the final film ran in theaters, but The Dark Knight trilogy still stands the test of time, and looks fabulous on Blu-ray.


84. Xbox One

The Xbox One is the latest release from Microsoft and is sure to dazzle Xbox 360 lovers. You can make this extra special for him by getting the games that he loves and also ones that you can play together.


85. NFL M&M Dispenser

Choose his favorite team and the folks at M&M headquarters have the rest figured out. They have the team colors picked out, with the logo on the candies so it really completes the package.


86. Black Leather Beer Holster

This holster will make your man that fastest draw in the west – when it comes to drinking from a beer bottle. This is a great prop for backyard barbecues and outdoor parties and frees up your hand for those times when you need to hold your plate.


87. The Shot Flask

This flask comes with its own shot glass so you don’t have to drink right from it. It helps you portion it out so that you know how much you’re getting instead of relying on the swig.


88. Him as a Stuffed Animal

Here’s a gift that is one of a kind, and that you both will get a kick out of. You submit a picture of your man and choose what sort of body makes sense and the finished product turns him into a stuffed animal, great for snuggling.


89. Audio Beanie

This beanie lets him listen to his favorite tunes without making him sacrifice the warmth. The headphones are built right into it, so the ears stay covered and warm, and the tunes keep coming.


90. Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone

This keyboard instantly turns your iPad or iPhone into a laptop computer. This allows you to use it on your lap, or on a table, without having to use the touchscreen keyboard that can be rather clumsy when you have a lot of typing to do.


91. Energy Bar of the Month

You Bars are energy bars that you control right down to which ingredients go into it. It’s like having your own energy bar factory right at your fingertips. With this subscription you get a new bar each month that you customize personally.


92. Photo Crystal

These photo crystals are likely something he’s never seen before, so you can be sure it will be something that he really cherishes, and will become his new favorite desk ornament.


93. Bacon of the Month Club

What’s better than getting a fresh supply of bacon every month? Nothing! That’s what a bacon lover would say, so give your man what he really wants and keep a steady supply of bacon coming in.


94. Extremely Large Cocktail Shaker

This is great to have at parties, so if your guy likes to be the host with the most be sure to give him the tools he needs for hilarity.


95. Penny Cufflinks with Personalized Year

If you’ve noticed that he likes to give his two cents, here’s a way to make sure he always has them at the ready. Personalized with the year he was born, these are a special way to class up an otherwise boring suit.


96. Bluetooth Smartphone Watch

This watch interfaces with your smartphone so you don’t always have to pick it up to see what’s happening. It allows him to check into Facebook with just the press of a button, and also makes sure that he doesn’t leave his tablet or smartphone behind.


97. The Thinnest Wallet

Tired of that old wallet bulging in your pants? This wallet is billed as the thinnest wallet out there, and if you put your current wallet side by side with this one, you’ll see that it’s far thinner and easier to handle.


98. Rearview Bike Camera

This is a great item that will make it so you don’t have to look over your shoulder to see what’s behind you. It’s great for when you have to make a turn, or are trying to see if there’s anything coming at you from behind.


99. 3-In-1 Roaster Smoker Grill

This is a gift that is good for everyone since it helps him make food that everyone can enjoy. Instead of just being an outdoor grill for grilling food, it allows him to smoke different meats as well, which gives them a different flavor. It also has a roasting feature, which further increases the number of ways he can prepare meats.


100. Percussion Action Handheld Massager

Guys love a good massage, and if you don’t want to be the one that has to do the massaging all the time, this makes a great stand-in. It comes with three different attachments depending on the message he wants, and is powerful enough to knead even the tightest of muscles.


101. MyDeal Wireless Bluetooth Beanie

One of the biggest difficulties when trying to listen to music while on the slopes is having your earbuds constantly fall out. This beanie by MyDeal takes away all that hassle by being completely wireless. You connect your device through bluetooth and the built-in speakers, microphone, and controls allow you to listen to music or talk for up to 6 hours of wire-free entertainment!


102. Star Wars Coffee Mug

This mug makes the perfect gift for any guy who loves coffee and Star Wars! It has a very distinct Starbucks style print with a stormtrooper twist along with a hilarious line at the bottom that’ll be sure to give all Star Wars fans a laugh. This mug will be any guys new favorite coffee cup!


103. RFID Blocking Wallet

As convenient as the new tap-and-go credit cards can be, they’re also a big target for hackers. This stylish and slim wallet blocks all RFID communications making it impossible for hackers to steal your credit card information and drain your bank account. You’ll never feel safer than with this protective wallet!


104. Multi-Tool Lighter Sleeve

Lighters are the most convenient way to make a fire, however they can be limited. This sleeve fits over most normal sized lighters to add all the main tools that are included in most multi-tools. It’ll quickly and effectively make your lighter the most handy tool you own!


105. Michael Kors Lexington Watch

Show your man how important they are with this unbelievable watch by Michael Kors! It’s a silver-tone 45mm watch made from stainless steel that includes chronographic functions and date display. It’s also water resistant up to 100m. This will be one of the nicest looking watches in any mans collection!


106. PriorityChef Knife Sharpener

No matter how nice your knife set may be they’ll always need sharpening. This knife sharpener by PriorityChef is ideal for sharpening both straight and serrated knives. It has a 2 stage diamond coated sharpening wheel system that makes it so effective. It’s a must-have for all male chefs and foodies!


107. TOMO Compact Binoculars

Whether it’s for use of a sport or just for entertainment, having a good set of binoculars is very useful for almost all outdoor activities. These compact 32mm objective binoculars by TOMO offer 12x magnification making them perfect for any guy who likes to hit the outdoors!


108. Weber Grill Cover with Storage Bag

It’s true that the cleaner the barbecue, the better the food tastes. Keep it clean and protected with this cover from Weber! It’s very lightweight which makes it easy to put on yet it is also very durable. Velcro straps ensure a snug fit and an integrated storage pouch allows you to keep all the tools together. Perfect for any man who loves to grill!


109. Silver LED Flashlight

Having a good quality flashlight is ideal for when the power goes out or for any other times of darkness. This LED flashlight is extendable with a 360 degree flexible neck that makes it easy to shine light in herd to reach places. This will be the only flashlight that anyone will ever need!


110. Diesel Only The Brave Spray

Who says men can’t smell great too? Diesel is a very popular cologne brand that is a favorite amongst many men. This fragrance entitled Only The Brave is available in various sized bottles and is recommended for casual wear. It’ll be a favorite cologne for any man!


111. Garmin GPS Navigator

Driving in unfamiliar places can be very difficult and it is illegal to use your smartphone while doing so. This GPS navigation system is sold by Garmin which is one of the most reliable GPS companies on the market. Millions of locations are available and the Garmin Real Directions system guides you using landmarks and traffic lights. No guy will ever get lost again with this GPS!


112. Meat Tenderizer Tool

If you know a guy who loves to grill then this is the perfect gift for them! This meat tenderizer makes any meat softer, more tender, and much easier to eat. It’ll also cut down the cooking time by about 40% which will save a lot of money on propane, gas, or charcoal usage.


113. Philips Norelco Shaver

Shaving can be a hassle for a lot of men and take up a lot of time in their morning routine. This all-in-one electric shaver includes 3 interchangeable attachments that make it easy to style and groom facial hair with no nicks and cuts. This shaver will make any mans life easier!


114. Wooden Smoking Pipe

Any man who likes to smoke tobacco knows how important it is to have a great pipe. This wooden style pipe is made from bakelite and has a very elegant design that makes it so stunning. It also includes a bag, a net, and cleaning tools. Perfect for any tobacco smokers!


115. Bridgestone Golf Balls

All golfers need good golf balls to help their game. This Bridgestone 12 pack of e6 golf balls is ideal for all golfers; they are the softest multi-layer ball on the market. Bridgestone is a very popular brand because of the quality golf balls that they design. Any guys game will improve when they step up to these golf balls!


30 Unique DIY Christmas Gifts for Men

Magic BBQ Rub

Any guy who loves to barbecue knows the importance of having a good rub. This rub is a mix of different household spices that goes great on many different types of food. It’s very easy to create; all of the spices, measurements, and steps are listed that makes this rub very quick for anyone to make!

DIY Skinny Ties

Handcraft some skinny ties for him and you’ll definitely be giving him a unique gift that no one else has. These are sure to make him stylish, and you can make them in an assortment of different styles and fabrics to shake things up.

Basic Beanie

This basic knit beanie will keep his head warm all winter long, and definitely has that homemade look to it so everyone knows he has someone that care about him. Because you choose the yarn you can make it look however you want.

Football Tart

This football tart is definitely a unique item that is sure to get rave reviews at the next big game. The entire thing is edible, and looks great alongside more popular game time fare like chips and pretzels.

Waxed Canvas Bag

Learn how to wax canvas with this tutorial and you’ll be able to make him a waxed canvas messenger bag like the one shown. It’s a great gift that will allow him to transport his important things and look good while doing it.

Manly Man Apron

He’ll feel like a real manly man when he dons this apron. It has icons for the different meat sources out there, and has icons of BBQ utensils so it’s pretty much an apron he’ll only be wearing when he’s manning the grill.

Cufflink Case

Cufflinks can create a storage problem because of their size and shape, but this cufflink case does a great job of keeping them all in one place so he can quickly get the ones that go with the suit he has on that day.

DIY Hanging Watch Holder

This watch holder is a very unique way for him to keep track of all of his watches, keep them organized, and be able to see all of them at once so he can decide which one he wants to go with on that particular day.

Tool Roll

Here’s a way to keep all of his tools together in one place. You put a tool in each compartment and then roll up the whole lot of them. The pockets keep the tools organized and protect them from slamming against each other.

Edible Chalkboard

The next time he’s having a get together with his sports buddies for a football game, make up this edible chocolate chalkboard. You draw up a play with x’s and o’s just like a coach wood, and after everyone is done admiring it, they eat it.

Wool Bow Tie

This wool bow tie is for the guy that’s unique enough to wear bow ties and actually pull them off. You’ll be taking things to the next level by knitting one out of wool, a very unique bow tie by anyone’s standards, and sure to be a talking point.

DIY Leather Keychain

This leather keychain is a stylish addition to their overall look, and as a very unique appeal to it. Since you’re making it by hand you have complete control over the final product, and you can customize this according to their tastes.

Custom Cufflinks

When you make custom cufflinks for him you’ll know that he’ll love them over store bought ones because these will have some of his favorite things on them. Since it’s totally about his interests he’ll appreciate the extra personal touch.

The Gift of Beer

There’s not too much out there that can top beer as a gift if he’s a beef lover. Many grocery stores these days allow you to hand-pick single beers and make your own six pack, which suits this DIY gift idea perfectly.

Mustache Mug

Each time he takes a sip from this mug it will look like he has a mustache. Great for both guys that rock a mustache, and those that don’t. This is one gift that works best if he’s a big coffee or tea drinker and can use it every day.

Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser

This soap dispenser is perfect for any guy who loves Jack Daniels and wants to show off his manly side. This quick and easy step-by-step guide is very straightforward and easy to follow. The best part is that this soap dispenser can be re-used for however long your man desires!

Citrus Honey Scotch Ale Soap

The best soaps are the ones that get used the most often, and he’s sure to want to use this soap as his new favorite. It uses a combination of flavors and scents that are sure to tantalize him and at the same time get him nice and clean.

Wood Slice Coasters

Repurpose that Christmas tree and make some wood slice coasters that can be enjoyed all year round. Or you can decorate the coasters with reindeer as shown and have some new holiday decorations.

DIY Wine Bottle Santa

When you need a quick DIY gift for the holidays there’s nothing quite as effective as a bottle of wine. But that can be a bit impersonal when it’s all by itself, so dress it up to look like Santa and you’ll show that you took some extra steps.

Handmade Suspenders

Help suspenders make a comeback by stitching together a pair for him. They’re the next best thing to a belt and were all the rage during the peak of their popularity, with almost universal appeal. They’re a fun and thoughtful gift for the right guy.

Turtle Candy Jar

Men love chocolate just as much as women, and you can appeal to his sweet tooth with this jar filled with turtle candies. You can also switch it up and include his favorite chocolate bar in those unwrapped bite sizes they have out now.

Wooden Beer Tote

Six packs of beer come in little cardboard holders that are quite flimsy. Make him this wooden beer tote and he’ll always have the perfect container for that six pack, and can store the empties in it when he’s done.

Travel Map Ornaments

Show where you’ve been with these distinctive travel map ornaments. They’re sure to find a spot on the tree next year, and each year after they’ll remind him of the fun times you had traveling around and seeing all there is to see.

Bottle Cap Fishing Lures

Let your man catch a fish with the bottle cap of his favorite beer with these incredible lures! They’re quick and easy to make, all that’s required is a drill and the right sized rings and hooks that can be found in most tackle boxes or fish stores. Any guy who loves to fish will love having these bottle cap lures!

How To: Make a Back Yard Drink Caddy

Always have your beer by your side with this extremely useful back yard drink caddy tutorial! This quick and easy guide shows you how to make a beer holder that’ll always be within arms reach for only 2 dollars. It’s a must have for any guy who loves his beer!

DIY Magnetic Wristband

One of the most frustrating parts of any construction job is realizing that you left tools or equipment at the bottom of the scaffolding. That’ll never be the case with this very handy magnetic wristband! It holds nails, screws, and small tools and makes them extremely accessible. Ideal for any guy who likes to work with his hands!

Comic Book DIY Coasters

Never worry about cup rings again with these remarkable comic book coasters! Many instructions and pictures walk you through this tutorial and help you create the perfect coasters for any guy who loves comic books. The best part is that any comic book can be used allowing you to choose exactly which characters that any guy would like.

How to Make a Drinking Glass From a Bottle

Do you have a favorite alcoholic beverage? Most people do, so why not transform the bottle of your favorite drink into your new favorite drinking glass? What’s great about this tutorial is that it can be used for any type of bottle making it ideal for any guy!

Father’s Day Cutout Frame

Create the perfect picture frame for any father with this easy guide! Not much is needed to create this gift. A printable template is available that allows you to get the perfect shape and size for the frame. This gift guide is perfect for any father who needs a good picture frame!

Knit Golf Club Covers

It’s always important to keep your golf clubs clean and dry and protected from the elements. This tutorial is best for anyone who knows know to knit very well as that is the majority of the work that needs to be done. Very detailed instructions and pictures walk you through all the steps to create these covers for any man’s gold clubs!


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